5 Ways a Travel CRM Can Help You Personalise the Travel Experience for Your Customers

By moonstride | 30 March 2023
5 Ways a Travel CRM Can Help You Personalise the Travel Experience for Your Customers

What do we mean by personalise the travel experience?

Everyone of your potential clients is an individual, all with their own preferences from the minor to the major details. By using a travel CRM, you can ensure all your interactions and content are delivered on more individual and personal basis, not generic, it is tailored to your client.

Personal content can be designed directly to the clients’ requirements, removing the unwanted and irrelevant content and impressing your customers with your understanding of their needs.

In turn this personalised approach leads to more clicks, more enquiries, higher conversion rates and greater customer satisfaction. By using travel management software, you can turn potential to actual bookings.

1) Data Drives Personalisation

A CRM allows you to collect data about your customers. From the type of pillows, they prefer to dietary and mobility requirements, from when and where they like to travel to how and when they like to be presented with offers. Data is knowledge, by having this knowledge you can drive smart business decisions.

2) What to Market

On your travel CRM software you can see your client, Mrs Jones, has booked 2 holidays with you. She always travels in September, always to the same country and always books all-inclusive in a 4-star hotel. What offers are you going to send to Mrs Jones to catch her attention?

What would you have sent Mrs Jones if you did not have the detailed history of her bookings at your fingertips with a CRM?

3) When to Market

We have seen what Mrs Jones books and what to send her, but when should we send her this offer. Looking at my CRM I can easily see that Mrs Jones always books in March. When should we send Mrs Jones an offer?

If we did not know she books in March, when would you have sent her an offer? Luckily our CRM provides all this information.

PS, she doesn’t check her emails much so she likes to receive offers by social media! (Guess how I found this out).

4) Providing a tailored service, the difference between you and them

So its March, Mrs Jones has seen you offer and contacted you to get a quote for her September holiday. When she calls for her quote and speaks to your sales team, they already know what she wants and what she likes, they can give Mrs Jones all the options that suit her, speeding up the sales process, being helpful and impressing the client by your knowledge that she needs airport assistance or has dietary requirements.

Mrs Jones experience in booking her holiday with you has been transformed, that personal touch has made it quicker, easier, filled her with confidence and she will hopefully tell her friends how wonderful you are.

5) Automation & Efficiency

Automation of tasks throughout the booking journey, documentation and payment reminders just to name a couple, will make your life simpler and easier, but how does this help personalise the client experience?

A CRM knows when they are due to return from holiday, send them an automated message a day or two after they return to ask how their trip was, you can even ask them to complete a review. How about sending them a happy birthday message, you might even send them a discount code as a congratulatory gift encouraging them to book again and ensure you have their repeat custom.

Mrs Jones is just our fictional adventurer, but Mrs Jones could be anyone; the school or university that books their group trips, the B2B or B2C customer that books their FIT & tours or the corporate company that books their annual team events. Whatever area of the travel industry you represent, with the introduction of a travel management platform, a travel CRM, we have provided and demonstrated how you can transform your travel business by

  • Aiding your marketing by targeting effectively with the right content, sent at the right time, by the right media
  • Speeding up your sales process reducing staff workload and increasing availability
  • Making the booking journey for your client quick, simple and stress free
  • Strengthening your customer relationship
  • Giving your business the best opportunity for repeat custom
  • Collecting data so you can make informed decisions and drive your processes & daily workflows

Here are just 5 ways a CRM travel agency back office software can help you personalise the travel experience for your customers. The benefits of a travel CRM and great online travel booking software can revolutionise your travel business.

Find out more about moonstride’s CRM tour management software and booking software for travel agencies by booking a demo today.

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