Transfer Allocation Module

Transfers Contracting

Transfer Contracting

moonstride is a user friendly cloud platform for loading your transfer contracts. You can add transfer groups and transfer types and create multiple trips/routes. It allows you to manage transfer inventory – season, trip and day wise. You can also update allocation as bookable, on request and closed. Do you have multi-contracted rates? No worries with moonstride – add trip wise, season and day wise rates in different currencies.

Allocate Transfers

Allocate Transfers

Make booking transfers more straightforward than ever. With the integrated transfer allocation module, easily assign and book specific transfers for all incoming bookings. With a click of a button, you can select the transfer type, supplier, and transfer details such as time and location for pickup and dropoff.

Working with shared transfers? No problem, multiple bookings can be assigned to the same transfer. Simply click on the bookings to be assigned to that transfer and a group will automatically be created and allocated a group code, name, date, and description.

Allocate Transfers
Capture Requirements

Capture Requirements

Handle additional service requests by adding notes to the transfer booking before sending confirmations to the supplier. Ensure customers are looked after and suppliers can exceed their expectations.

Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation

All allocated transfers automatically generate a booking voucher to send to suppliers directly from the platform.

Markup and Commission

Effectively manage rates and markup from third party vehicles and transfer suppliers to simplify distribution and maximise accuracy. Agent and agent group wise.
Automated Documentation
Supplier Confirmation

Supplier Confirmation

Easily manage bookings with third party suppliers. Our two-way system to email transfer details to suppliers enables them to confirm availability directly within the platform. Improve communication and minimise the risk of potential errors.


Effortlessly manage transfers and make any changes easily within the booking such as customer details or supplier cost. Any updates after confirmation that have not been emailed to the supplier, will automatically be highlighted so that the user knows this information needs to be resent, improving communication and reliability.
Quick Search

Quick Search

Search for all transfers within one place and identify those that have been confirmed, are still pending, or still waiting to be allocated. Searching for the voucher number, transfer type, pickup, and drop off location will easily generate a list for all associated bookings, ensuring you will always be in the know of what is going on across every booking.
Informative Reporting

Informative Reporting

Gain live visibility of your transfer operation with real-time information on all transfers. Gather quick data highlighting all upcoming transfers, confirmed suppliers, and vehicle type as well as allocation status. Export reports to Excel or PDF with a click of a button. Never miss a transfer, drive smart decisions and work with purpose.
Informative Reporting


Streamline processes and improve working with partners to ensure customer satisfaction. Reports highlighting all incoming and transfers on specific days can be provided to airport staff or lists on upcoming bookings can be sent to garages so they can ensure they are ready and available. Everybody remains in control and organised to ensure a seamless and hassle-free service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the transfer allocation module?

Using the transfer allocation module you can allocate multiple bookings to single transfers from shared to private taxi transfers.

  • Allocate transfer to multiple booking & view cost for each supplier, compare and select supplier (low to high cost) as per your requirement.
  • moonstride’s transfer allocation module will also help you to send bulk supplier confirmations.
  • moonstride will also attach vouchers for each booking in the email.
  • Suppliers will receive an email wherein, they will have a link to provide confirmation. On clicking the link, suppliers will be redirected to the web page, where they can view all pending bookings and confirm/decline booking.

Confirmation / Declined services can be seen in the “Bulk Transfer Allocation” report

Are transfers limited to car transportation or can this be used for multiple transfer types?

Multiple transfer types are available. In addition to cars, the transport allocation module also includes coaches, boat transfers, and rail transfers. With our solutions, you’ll be able to deliver your customers to their destination no matter where they come from!

Can the allocation module automate transfer times based on pickup and dropoff times to specify the transfer duration?

Yes. Once you provide confirmation, our programme will automatically establish the pickup and dropoff times. Simply enter the data, sit back, and moonstride will do the rest.

Is it possible to view all transfers embarking or disembarking on a specific flight?

Sure! When you enter the flight number into our program’s transport allocation module, it will automatically generate a list of transfers linked with that specific flight. You can also manage bookings by searching for the following terms: agent name, allocation status, start/end date and time, voucher number, transfer type, and location.

What is the maximum number of bookings that can be added to one transfer?

It is determined by the transfer’s capability. A car has a maximum capacity of 5 seats, but a bus, for example, has a maximum capacity of 20 people. The number of available bookings will be determined by the occupancy limit of the transfer.

Can I manage different transfers and load different types of contracts in the system?

Yes. All of your transfer contracts, including private transfers, shared transfers, airport and hotel transfers, can be simply managed. Furthermore, you can tag each of the many sorts of transfers, making it easier to find them and utilise them when generating and administering contracts.

What features are provided by moonstride for Transfer API Integration?

Transfer API Integration with moonstride includes the following features:

  • Search, book and confirm transfer reservations
  • Booking vouchers
  • Real-time availability
  • Booking confirmation
  • Flexible markup
Can I connect with a transfer supplier to get real time data?

Yes! Nothing provides more security than being connected in real time with a transfer supplier. You can connect to multiple dealers and global distribution networks with moonstride, allowing you to make bookings efficiently and in real time.

What is the best of all? Thanks to moonstride’s sophisticated quotation software, you’ll also get access to the best rates and a variety of worldwide travel product information. moonstride now supports the following sources for integration:

  • HTX (through Paxport)
Is it possible to add trip level markup in the system?

Yes, our system automatically calculates the markup on added seasons of the supplier cost, allowing you to generate the price of the trip for the consumer instantaneously.

Can we add a new booking to an existing transfer Voucher?

You can add the booking to an existing transfer voucher. After reviewing the passenger’s reservation information, method of transport, and vehicle capacity, click “Save” to add the booking to the current transfer voucher.

Is it possible to manage a sub-journey within the context of a larger journey?

Simply click on the “Manage Journey” option in the trip template to add as many layers or sub-journeys as you wish.

Can we allocate transfers to the different bookings having the same area?

Our system manages the details based on parent location to allocate transfers to different bookings for the same or nearby areas.

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