Get an overview of your business, make informed decisions faster.

View a myriad of important information, all individually customisable, governed by individual and group level security views.

Enquiry & Booking Overview

Enquiry & Booking Overview

Snapshot of active enquiries, quotations and bookings.

Reminders & Notifications

Reminders & Notifications

Notification at your fingertips, always be in the know.

Rich Analytics

Rich Analytics

Drive smart actions, optimise and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customer relationship management dashboard?

moonstride’s CRM dashboard analyses and tracks your entire business operations and visually displays it in one central place. This allows travel agents and tour operators to instantly access customer and business data and gain insight into the overall productivity and performance of the business. From enquiry and booking overview to notifications and rich analytics, know exactly what is going on with the business at any given time.

How does moonstride’s travel back-office dashboard help travel agents and tour operators?

moonstride’s travel dashboard enables you to gain complete control over your business operations with the ability to monitor sales, processes and performance at a quick glance. The CRM dashboard offers all the tools to strategically measure, analyse and act on meaningful data. With notifications and tasks at your fingertips you can also prioritise workloads increasing productivity and efficiency.

What details does moonstride’s operations dashboard provide?

The moonstride travel back-office dashboard provides instant access to the following information:

  • The total number of active enquiries, quotations and bookings
  • Instant access to recently added or amended enquiries, quotations, bookings and emails
  • Notifications, alerts and tasks which need to be actioned such as ticketing deadlines, scheduled calls or payments due for all ongoing enquiries, quotations and bookings
  • Performance statistics for enquiry, quotations and bookings measuring conversion, passenger numbers and output. This can be measured daily, monthly or yearly subject to your preferences
  • Goal statistics to easily measure current performance alongside expected performance in regards to booking numbers, revenue, profit, enquiry generation and quotation output
  • Payment data so you can easily keep track of when supplier and customer payments are due or overdue ensuring money coming in and out of the business runs smoothly and on time
  • A list of all the bookings due to depart, currently travelling or arriving home within a certain time frame

For more details, click here.

Will notifications for supplier payment due dates be visible on the travel back-office dashboard?

Yes, all supplier payment due dates are clearly listed on the travel back-office dashboard so you can ensure payments are sent on time.

Is it possible to access statistics past 30 days on the travel CRM dashboard?

Absolutely, our moonstride travel CRM dashboard provides the flexibility for you to view statistics based on your business needs. You can easily measure statistics from the day, week, months or previous years by setting the custom date range you require. This will then filter the data for that specified time frame.

Is it possible to view notifications for scheduled enquiry follow-up dates on the dashboard?

All notifications for enquiry follow-up dates will be clearly listed on travel back-office dashboard so you can view who needs to be called when at a quick glance.

Can we customise widgets on the travel CRM dashboard to match our business needs?

At moonstride we pride ourselves on being flexible and ensuring our travel CRM works for you, that’s why we have created a fully customisable travel CRM dashboard so you can easily edit the widgets on the dashboard according to your business requirements.

What are the features provided by moonstride dashboard calendar view?

The moonstride dashboard calendar view clearly visualises the following:

  • A list of all incoming enquiries and ongoing enquiries to follow up
  • The quotations due to expire
  • A list of upcoming bookings such as hotel bookings, transfer bookings, vehicle hire bookings and so on.
  • A list of all balance-due dates for bookings
  • Any cancelled bookings
  • All marked special occasions for customers, such as upcoming birthdays or anniversaries
  • The option to export data in to a PDF format

For more information on the moonstride dashboard calendar view please click here.

Does the moonstride travel CRM dashboard show statistics specific to a system user?

Yes, the moonstride travel CRM dashboard offers flexibility to view statistics based on users. By selecting a specific user, you can easily view and measure their overall performance based on enquiries, quotations and bookings related to them.

Is it possible to have the enquiry pipeline view visible on the dashboard?

The moonstride travel CRM dashboard provides a ‘mark as favourite’ feature. Using this feature enables you to bookmark any specific elements of the CRM which will then be highlighted across the top bar of the dashboard and allowing for instant access to these elements with a click of a button.

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