Unlocking B2B Success with moonstride

By moonstride | 29 December 2023
Unlocking B2B Success with moonstride
In the fiercely competitive travel industry, B2B relationships form the backbone of success. moonstride understands the key role of B2B interactions for travel agents and consortia. With a suite of advanced features, moonstride is poised to revolutionise the way you manage your B2B partnerships.

A Glimpse into moonstride’s B2B Capabilities

1. Agent Profiles:

Create profiles for individual agents and consortia. Tailor experiences to meet their specific needs, fostering strong and lasting relationships.

2. Invoice Management:

Streamline the invoice process for agents and consortia. Generate, track, and manage invoices effortlessly, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial transactions.

3. Markup and Commission Management:

Set up flexible markup and commission structures to accommodate various agent and consortia agreements. moonstride ensures accurate calculations and seamless distribution.

4. Branded Documents:

Personalise documents with agent and consortia logos, enhancing brand consistency and professionalism in every interaction.

5. Effortless Communication:

Facilitate seamless communication with agents and consortia through moonstride’s integrated messaging features, ensuring timely and effective collaboration.

6. Performance Tracking:

Gain insights into agent and consortia performance. Monitor sales, commissions, and other key metrics to inform strategic decisions and reward top performers.

Elevate Your B2B Relationships into Strategic Assets

moonstride’s B2B capabilities are designed to do more than just facilitate transactions; they’re engineered to turn relationships into strategic assets. By providing you with the tools you need to manage, collaborate, and thrive with your B2B partners, moonstride is reshaping the landscape of travel industry partnerships.

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