moonstride’s 2023 Voyage – From Global Exhibitions to a Year of Impactful Industry Engagements and Forthcoming Innovations

By moonstride | 10 January 2024 |
moonstride’s 2023 Voyage – From Global Exhibitions to a Year of Impactful Industry Engagements and Forthcoming Innovations
Reflecting on 2023, it's clear that it has been a groundbreaking year for moonstride. We had the extraordinary opportunity to be a part of three pivotal exhibitions, each one reinforcing our place within the travel industry and unveiling exciting new prospects.

Our journey began in March at the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin. It’s one of the grandest stages where travel professionals from around the world come together. Here, we immersed ourselves in rich, forward-looking conversations about global travel trends and the integration of innovative technology in our existing and future tourism products. As we walked the halls, buzzing with the energy of thousands of attendees, we understood that our passion for empowering travel companies with cutting-edge software was shared by many.

ITB 2023
moonstride team at ITB
Discussing Importance of AI with ITB 2023 Attendees
Presenting our Cutting-Edge moonstride Travel CRM Software
Presenting moonstride Travel CRM Software
moonstride Team Presenting Travel CRM Dashboard
moonstride Team at ITB 2023
Discussing Travel Technology
Discussing Impact of AI and Machine Learning
moonstride team at ITB
Our moonstride Team

As spring turned to summer, we found ourselves at the heart of the Travel Technology Show in London. This June event was a tech enthusiast’s dream, showcasing the latest advancements and providing a peek into the future of travel tech. One major takeaway was the unmistakable impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in personalising customer journeys, predicting travel patterns, and streamlining operations in ways we had only started to harness. It is electrifying to think about the level of customisation and care we can deliver to the end traveler through these technologies.

Our presence at this show also amplified our excitement to discuss the trends that are setting the stage for the next era of travel. We learned, shared, and debated on topics ranging from seamless connectivity, the surge in mobile bookings, and how to implement technologies such as AI/ML and the need for greater security and transparency within the industry.

TravelTech 2023
Exhibitors at TravelTech Show 2023
Engaging with Attendees at TravelTech
moonstride Demo at TravelTech 2023
Guiding About moonstride at TravelTech 2023
Discussing with Attendees at TravelTech 2023

As we continued our year-long trek, we arrived at the World Travel Market in London in November. It felt like a culmination of the year’s efforts and experiences. Here, we were caught up in the hustle and bustle, the vibrant displays, and the rich tapestry of cultures represented. This event saw us re-connecting with familiar faces and welcoming new ones into the moonstride family. Engaging with our clients and partners, both forthcoming and long-standing, reminded us why we do what we do – helping travel businesses thrive with our software in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

wtm london 2023
Engaging with Exhibitors at WTM 2023
Showcasing Travel CRM, Back Office & Booking Engine Capabilities
WTM 2023 Attendees at moonstride Stand
Discussing Travel Technology at WTM London
WTM 2023
Engaging with Exhibitors at WTM 2023
Presenting AI-Driven Insights
Displaying How Software Simplifies Day-to-Day Workflow
Brainstorming Sessions
Our moonstride Team at WTM London 2023

Throughout these exhibitions, we noted the resiliency of the travel industry as it rebounded from global challenges. Amid the ongoing resurgence, we engaged deeply on subjects like sustainability – a primary concern looking forward. Our conversations with industry partners reinforced our commitment to providing eco-friendly and sustainable travel solutions. Our clients were equally passionate about making travel more sustainable for future generations, resounding our belief that travel is not just about places but about our planet too.

As moonstride, we were not just attendees, we were active participants and trendsetters. Our team showcased the platforms impeccable Travel CRM, back office, and booking engine capabilities, putting on display how our software simplifies the day-to-day workflows of travel businesses. The demonstrations of our platform often turned into brainstorming sessions, as we spoke with clients about how to best serve their unique needs.

But what’s a year in review without a glance into the future? As we stand on the cusp of 2024, moonstride is excited to share a roadmap teeming with promise and potential. Entering the new year, we are eager to implement feedback gathered from the conversations in our day-to-day interactions and at these exhibitions. Next year’s releases are poised to offer enhanced customisation, more robust AI-driven insights, and even smoother automation – all aimed at making travel business operations more efficient and more profitable.

Moreover, this next chapter for moonstride is set to focus heavily on improving user experience, both for our commercial clients and the end traveler, ensuring the tech that drives the experience is invisible, intuitive, and ingenious. We plan to delve deeper into the realms of virtual and augmented reality.

Our engagement does not stop there. We understand the importance of data protection and cybersecurity in today’s digital age. This is why we are doubling down on our efforts to ensure all our solutions not only comply with the latest regulations but set the industry benchmark for secure, reliable travel software.
Looking back on 2023, we are beyond grateful for the partnerships forged, the insights gained, and the progress we have made together in shaping the future of travel. Our heartfelt thanks go out to every client, partner, and team member who made this year an unparalleled success.

Now, with 2024 in our sights, moonstride moves forward with renewed vigor and unbridled enthusiasm. We know the travel industry never rests, and neither do we. Here’s to another year of innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of making travel experiences exceptional.

Here’s to our joint journey, continuing into 2024 and beyond. Cheers to future explorations, innovations, and the countless adventures that await us in the sprawling, exciting world of travel!

moonstride Team

moonstride Team

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