Find Out Why moonstride Should Be Your Next Travel Technology Partner

By moonstride | 04 July 2024 |
Find Out Why moonstride Should Be Your Next Travel Technology Partner
Staying ahead of the curve is most important for any business and travel industry in no exception. In order to achieve this, travel agents, tour operators, homeworkers, and destination management companies (DMCs) require robust and flexible technology solutions for managing their operations effectively. This is where moonstride comes into play. A cloud-based SaaS technology solution- moonstride is an all-in-one answer which provides an integrated solution and consists of Travel CRM, Back-office, and Booking Engine, all developed into one seamless platform to maximise and grow your business. In this blog, we will discuss into why moonstride should be your next travel technology partner and discuss its key features.

Using moonstride, would help the travel businesses streamline their processes, reduce admin burden, and improve customer service. moonstride is a centralised travel system using which you can manage enquiries, quotations, bookings, and all other related details every time.

Key Features


To see the overview of activities happening in your business, moonstride provides you with a comprehensive dashboard. Real-time data and analytics will enable one to track their company and individual employee performance and every critical parameter, which, in turn, will further help in making the right decisions. The information that you require is displayed with a user-friendly interface.

Pipeline Kanban View

The Pipeline Kanban View is a powerhouse feature for sales process management. You can visualise your sales pipeline, follow and advance the enquiries coming in, and move deals through different stages. This helps you identify bottleneck problems and make sure that not even one enquiry is not attended to.

Enquiry Management

Efficient enquiry management is essential for any travel businesses. moonstride helps you capture and manage all your enquiries in a single place. Keep track of detailed enquiry follow-ups and automated follow-ups to ensure no opportunity to convert a lead slip away.

Quotation Management

Making and sending out quotations can be a painstaking process. Through its quotation management feature, moonstride will ease your life. It enables you to create professional quotations, personalise them according to the needs of the client, and directly send them from the platform. This will accelerate the sales cycle and ensure customer satisfaction.

Booking Management

moonstride’s booking management is created to handle all kinds of bookings, whether simple or complex itineraries. The system automates the booking process, thus reducing errors and ensuring smooth coordination among the other departments. This allows your clients to have a smooth and fast booking experience.

Customer Management

Storing customer information is a key to offering personalised services. moonstride lets you store and manage all your customer data, preferences, past bookings, and communication history. It helps one to build better relationships and deliver tailored experiences.

Itinerary Builder

Build engaging and illustrative itineraries at the click of a button using moonstride’s tour itinerary builder. You can create rich, detailed itineraries with images, maps, daily things to do, descriptions and illustrations. All these itineraries can be shared with clients in a very professional way. The feature helps create an exceptional experience of travel planning for a client and distinguishes your business from the rest.

Pricing Manager

Price management can be quite complex since you work with many suppliers and rates that keep changing. moonstride’s pricing manager streamlines the task with ease, where one can create and manage exchange rates with ease. Users may easily define pricing rules, completely control their mark-ups, exchange rates and ensure consistent pricing across all offerings.

Agent Invoicing

Streamline agent invoicing through moonstride with automatic invoicing by agents. Send payment requests to agents and raise invoices, track payment requests, and manage commissions payable. These things help reduce the administrative workload and streamline collections so that time-to-cash is diminished.

Notifications and Alerts

Be on top of your tasks with moonstride’s notifications and alerts. Automated reminders are set for crucial tasks, follow-ups, and deadlines. This way, no vital activity is ever missed, and everything stays organised.

Task Management

Smooth operations depend on effective task management. Manage, track, and close tasks across the entire team with moonstride. You can set deadlines, monitor progress, and be assured that it will be done on time.


Data-driven decision-making is easy with moonstride’s reporting capabilities. You can view and export reports to drill into the most critical parts of your business – sales, bookings, customer interactions, and financial performance – all in one place. Uncover insights with these reports to identify trends, measure your success, and make informed decisions.

Email Centralisation

Managing email communications is easy with moonstride’s email centralisation capability. You can centralise all your email interactions and history of communication and ensure that your team is speaking with one voice. This will increase the efficacy of your team using time and proper communication with clients.

API Integrations

moonstride has powerful API integrations that allow it to connect with various third-party systems and services. Be it payment gateways, marketing tools, bed banks, flight APIs or GDS or other travel platforms.

User Access Rights

Proper security and control require user access management. moonstride enables you to easily set and manage user access rights, ensuring that all your employees use the system in line with their respective roles to guarantee improved safety and conformity to organisational policies.

Customised Documentation

Using moonstride, you can customise documents, select what information regarding services and pricing you would like to show to your customers. You can share vouchers, itineraries, invoices, and more. This will ensure that all dealings with clients will be consistent and professional.

Customer Portal

moonstride’s travel portal facility allows you to develop a customised online portal for all your customers, where they can easily access their itineraries, review their bookings and manage passengers and payments for their bookings. This would allow the clients to relate a more convenient traveling experience with the digitised service.

Booking Engine

The comprehensive booking engine from moonstride will enable you to handle and administrate bookings effectively. You can handle any number of different booking sources, manage availability, and process payments at the same time without any hiccups. This would help reduce much manual work and ensure smooth booking for your clients.

To summarise, it can be stated that moonstride is much more than just a travel technology platform; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique needs of travel agents, tour operators, homeworkers, and DMCs. moonstride helps you easily integrate CRM, back-office, and booking engine functionalities within one platform, making your operations efficient, lowering costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

moonstride provides what you need for the operations and growth of your travel business via features that include dashboard analytics, pipeline, customer enquiry and booking management, customer relationship functionality, and advanced reporting. Its further advantages lie in having the option of workflows customisation, API integrations, and enhanced security, which would solidify the promise of a fail-safe future. Trusting moonstride as your travel technology partner means accepting innovation, efficiency, and unmatched service. Do not lose the opportunity to change and stay with the fast-paced travel industry.

Make a wise decision today and let moonstride take your travel business to new heights. Discover all the benefits and features of moonstride that could be revolutionising your travel business. Visit us online or contact us for a personalised demo and consultation. Your road to success starts here, with moonstride.

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