Email Centralisation (add-on)

Centralise your communication, no more digging through emails



Never worry if a team member is not in, view all email communication in one place.



Send beautiful, fully customisable emails with the click of a button.

Response time

Response time

Set response time SLAs and achieve them.

File sharing

File sharing

Centralised document management, keep all related files in one location.

Email centralisation is an add-on extension, please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email centralisation module?

Centralise your communication and say goodbye to digging through your inbox. Our two-way email CRM software allows you to send fully customised emails to customers and suppliers and automatically syncs email correspondence to its associated enquiry/quotation/booking.

What features are provided by moonstride Email Management?

moonstride’s email management includes the following features:

  • Tracking and recording all email correspondence for both customers and suppliers
  • Set up predetermined responses to common questions
  • Centralised document management, keeping all related files in one location
  • History log for all email communication with customers and suppliers
  • Ability to send attachments to customers and suppliers
  • Inclusion of personalised user signature in emails
  • Ability to send registration links to passengers
  • Easy management and creation of email templates

For more features, click here.

How does the moonstride email management benefits travel agents and tour operators?

Our email management enables you to send emails to customers at every stage of the sales cycle. Using the email management, you can easily communicate with suppliers or customers, track or personalise emails and send attachments. Working is streamlined and all employees have access to the same information, optimising communication and collaboration. All bookings and emails are stored centrally so you can stay on top of the customer journey and access their information at any given time. Having this information ensures trips are seamless, personalised, and exceeds customer expectations.

How can I sign up to include the moonstride CRM email management?

Signing up for the moonstride CRM email management is really simple, all you need to do is request a demo. One of our friendly specialists will then get in touch with you as soon as possible to set-up your account.

Is the CRM email management an add-on or is it included in the core or pro platform package?

If you have opted for the core platform, then the CRM email management is available as an add-on option at an additional cost. However, if you have opted for the pro-platform, then this feature is already included with your package.

It is possible to view all email communication from a single screen?

Yes, our moonstride platform can visually display a list of the entire email correspondence sent from and to the system on a single screen.

Can I see all the emails which have been sent to suppliers for booking confirmations? 

moonstride’s supplier confirmation offers a two-way system, emails all of the travel details to suppliers so they can quickly confirm availability directly within the platform. The system will centrally track and store confirmations so you can see everything that has been sent. All correspondence will be associated with the supplier and enquiry/quotation/booking.

How can I communicate with customers from within the platform?

You can communicate with customers using the “Email Communication” features from either the customer list screen, enquiry, quotation or booking screen.

Is it possible to use our user signature in emails?

Our moonstride email management provides flexibility to add and manage user signatures. Travel agents and tour operators can add multiple user signatures and use these at the time of sending emails to a customer or supplier.

Does the moonstride travel CRM email management provide a feature to add email templates?

Yes, travel agencies and tour operators can add multiple email templates and easily select the required template at the time of sending an email.

What is the maximum storage limit of files or videos that can be uploaded to the email CRM software?

The moonstride email centralisation system allows you to send up to 21 MB including attachments and text.

What document format files are supported in the email centralisation system?

Our moonstride email centralisation system supports all of the major file types for documents including Excel, PowerPoint, images and PDF. A few of the supported file extensions are as follows: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, png and PDF.

When we send emails from the travel CRM email management system, can the recipient see who it is from?

At present, the moonstride email centralisation system is designed to use a default email address only. It is possible to apply configuration changes to include your email in the FROM email address. We have the flexibility to set up the “From Email Address” in the system, this is a one-time set up done by our engineering team.

For pre-set emails, is it possible to change the language which they are sent out?

It is not currently possible to modify and send the email in a different language.

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