Flawless Supplier Management through moonstride

By moonstride | 01 July 2024 |
Flawless Supplier Management through moonstride
Managing suppliers efficiently can contribute notably to the growth of a travel business as it will help to keep pace with the continuously changing world in the travel industry. With the ever-evolving travel industry, the need for seamless supplier management becomes increasingly crucial. moonstride – a leading cloud-based SaaS platform for one and all associated with tour/travel business, offers a strong Supplier Management Module that revolutionises the way travel agencies handle their supplier relationships. Let's probe into why supplier management is pivotal for a travel technology platform for tour operators and travel agents and explore the key features of moonstride with respect to the same.

Why is Supplier Management Crucial?

Supplier management serves as the backbone of a travel software, facilitating smooth operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. Here’s why it’s indispensable:

Inventory Management:

Smooth functioning of the business for tour operators and travel agents relies on how well they can coordinate with suppliers, as they heavily depend on them to provide a range of services like accommodations, transportation, tours, and activities to the end-clients. Having a strong supplier management system will ensure access to a diverse inventory of offerings to meet the varied needs and preferences of customers.

Access to Real-Time Data:

A hand-shake with the suppliers’ booking systems will allow for access to real-time data regarding availability and pricing information. This is important to check availability instantly and agents can confirm bookings, providing customers with up-to-date and accurate options.

Feasible Pricing:

By using efficient supplier management, the supplier rates, discounts, and promotions can be managed well, and the customer can be benefited by offering the best price. This will lead to ultimately enhancing the value proposition for the customers and competitiveness in the market.

Streamlined Booking Process:

When supplier systems are well integrated, it will streamline the booking process and reduce manual efforts and potential errors associated with the same. This improves efficiency and allows agents to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Agents are able to provide custom travel plans according to customer preferences and special requirements when they can access to a wide range of suppliers and offerings. This personalised approach enhances the overall customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Having proper liaison in place with suppliers which are based on trust, collaboration, and mutual benefit will facilitate superior treatment, better terms, and access to exclusive deals or inventory, further enhancing the agent’s value proposition.

Performance Measurement:

Having appropriate supplier management features available in the travel software will enable the agents to measure supplier performance with metrics like booking volumes, revenue generated, and customer satisfaction ratings. This helps agents identify top-performing suppliers and optimise their supplier portfolio to meet customer demand effectively.

Overall, supplier management is essential for a travel software as it empowers tour operators and travel agents to access a diverse inventory, streamline booking processes, offer competitive pricing, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and build strong supplier relationships, ultimately driving business success and growth.

How moonstride Provides Efficient Supplier Management?

Having looked at the importance of Supplier Management, let us now analyse, how moonstride can help in realising the benefits of the same by its convenient supplier management features.

Supplier Profile Management:

moonstride ensures that tour operators and travel agents have access to a centralised storage of supplier profiles, to facilitate efficient communication and collaboration. moonstride provides the interfaces to maintain the vital supplier information like contact details, services provided, contracts, pricing and commission details.

Contract Management:

The complex task of managing contracts with suppliers needs minute attention to detail. With moonstride, travel agencies can easily store and manage supplier contracts, terms and conditions, rates, and commission structures. This ensures transparency and compliance, mitigating the risk of disputes and discrepancies.

Rate Management:

In order to offer the accurate pricing and value-added services to the customers, the supplier rates, discounts, and promotions are to be tracked. moonstride empowers travel agencies to monitor and update supplier rates in real-time, ensuring competitiveness in the market and maximising profitability.

Payment Tracking:

Recording and tracking payments made to suppliers is crucial for maintaining financial stability and credibility. moonstride simplifies this process by providing robust payment tracking features, including the ability to record deposits, commissions, and outstanding balances. This ensures timely payments and strengthens supplier relationships.

Communication Tools:

Effective communication with suppliers is paramount for resolving issues, discussing bookings, and providing updates. moonstride offers integrated messaging and email features, enabling seamless communication between travel agencies and suppliers. This fosters collaboration and enhances operational efficiency.

Performance Analytics:

Analysing supplier performance is a key to optimising business strategies and maximising ROI. moonstride provides comprehensive performance analytics, allowing travel agencies to generate reports on booking volumes, revenue generated, and customer satisfaction ratings. This valuable insight empowers agencies to make informed decisions and drive growth. Reports are also available to check the supplier confirmation on bookings and services as well as the invoices, credit notes and outstanding balances.

API Integration:

Integrating with third-party APIs enables travel agencies to access additional supplier content and services, expanding their range of offerings to customers. moonstride facilitates seamless API integration, enabling agencies to provide a diverse and comprehensive travel experience to their customers.

Payment Reminders:

Stay on top of your financial obligations with moonstride’s supplier payment due reports. This feature ensures that payments are made on time, boosting your reputation as a dependable partner.

In conclusion, supplier management is a fundamental aspect of a travel CRM software, driving operational efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering growth opportunities. With moonstride’s advanced B2B Supplier Management Module, travel agencies can streamline their supplier relationships and unlock new possibilities in the competitive travel market. It’s time to elevate your agency’s efficiency with moonstride.

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