Reports Dashboard


Get a complete overview of your business performance in one screen!

Operational Reports

Operational Reports

Everything you need to know and report to keep your operations on track.

Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Bookings, customers, revenue, sales comparisons. See, compare, export.

Finance & Accounts Reports

Finance & Accounts Reports

Banking, agents, commission, suppliers, credit, invoices, ATOL, ABTA and more!

Bespoke Reports

Bespoke Tag Management System

Use our bespoke Tag Management system where you define your own tags and categories and report. Great for both current enquiry/quote/booking tracking and to identify bookings for marketing.

Task Management Module

Our task management comes complete with your own report and export options to view, manage and understand your daily work flows and staff tasks.  Manage your team effectively with moonstride task management.

Create and Export Reports

Report and Export

Every report you find in moonstride can be exported to excel. We save your team time using automation to create and run reports, set your reports to run automatically for you on a regular basis.

The benefits of reports

Necessary Reports

In some cases, reporting is a necessity. Getting data such as hotel rooming lists, transfer manifests and more to pass onto suppliers, to organise your daily tasks is something you cannot go without. It’s a must have for any travel platform and moonstride has all the standard reporting you might want and more.
Necessary Reports

Know your business with intelligent reporting!

Our dashboard is a prime example of understanding your business giving you a complete overview of your sales and performance from individual to team, from day to month to year. Did you hit your expected goals, how many enquiries have you had, how many converted, how much profit was made and so much more? Many reports come complete with graphs and charts to give you complete understanding all in one place.

Reports that drive smart decisions

Understanding your customers and your bookings, what is selling and what is not. Our moonstride reports are designed to provide you with the best information. Informed decisions are smart decisions. If the data is in our system, you can access it. Data is knowledge, knowledge is power ‚Äď harness the power to drive your business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a list of suppliers whose payment is due?

Using our Supplier Payment Due report, which will identify the suppliers to whom you must make a payment, you can never forget a payment that is due!

Can I customise reports in moonstride CRM?

All our reports can be data sorted prior to exporting, you can use our filters to display just what you need to view, you can choose what you want to export. If you need bespoke reporting, we can do this for you too!

Can I download a report?

You can export all our reports to Excel. Report, export, and your downloaded report is ready for you.

How can we view overall activity of the platform?

moonstride travel CRM dashboard gives you rich reporting and analytics of your company. Using dashboard, you can view data like overall sales and profit statistics, staff specific sales and profit, quick alerts, and notification, etc. Please refer to this link to view more features available in moonstride dashboard.

What type of reports can we pull from moonstride?

We can pull reports including:

  • Operational reports which give information related to day-to-day operations on the platform.
  • Sales reports which mostly cover the content for the marketing team where they can get statistics for the number of bookings and data related to the customers.
  • Financial reports will give the projections to the financial statistics over the period. Also, account related reports would help the accounting team to manage the credit debit balance related to each booking.
Does moonstride offers reports on task management?

You can use moonstride task management screen to view all the task with their status, priority, and ETAs. For more details on task reporting, you can refer to features in moonstride task management.

Can we have a report that would give the bookings with the payment mode?

Yes, we can see the bookings that have been paid for using various methods on the Banking report. You can also view the bookings against which any financial transactions have been done. This report will show list of all transactions with their status (e.g., failed, refund) and payment source (e.g., card, cash, bank transfer).

Can we have a report that would give all the details related to the booking?

Service Sales Analysis Report will give you a detailed view starting from booking status to profit. This report also has multiple option to filter from supplier, Agent related statistics. It will also show the profit margin in % for all the bookings.

Do we have a report from where all bookings special notes can be extracted?

You can see notes added against each quotation and booking from the booking note reports. You can also export this report.

Can we get daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly analytic reports?

Yes, our platform provides accurate and up-to-date analytics for enquiries, quotations, bookings, payments, service wise. You can filter reports based on your requirement, it can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Can we get information about the payment paid and payment due for each customer?

You can refer to the Customer Balance due report which will provide information like booking reference, payment amount, amount paid, number of days left before the balance amount to be paid along with the due date.

Can we generate CAA / ATOL report from the platform?

You can generate ATOL report for flight only, single contract and multiple contracts. This data can be pulled out based on the bookings made in the current month, departing in the current month, booking departing in future.

Can we get the list of passengers flying on a specific date?

Yes, based on the flight dates, our platform offers a report. Along with the airline/flight number, you will receive the passenger list, E-ticket/Seat number, and the flight route.

Do we have a report to check out the hotels reserved on a particular day?

We deliver a report that shows the hotels booked on a certain day. In this report, you’ll find information about the hotels listed, the number of rooms reserved, the board basis, the check-in and check-out times, and a lot more information about the service.

Can we get the list of transfer service based on pickup date?

You can obtain a list of the transfers that are scheduled on a certain date. The booking number, location information, passenger count, and other relevant data are included in this report.

Can we run a report to see the list of bookings where supplier confirmation is pending?

Yes, you can get a report to look into the bookings where supplier is yet to provide confirmation of service. You can even run a report to get the list of bookings where supplier has confirmed the service.

Do we have a report based on customer?

Yes, our platform provides you a customer report which includes a customer’s overall information including their address, contact details, quote/booking count and payment figures.

Can we run a report to gain insight into the reservations made on an annual and monthly basis?

Our platform offers precise statistical information on bookings made on a monthly and annual basis, allowing you to make comparisons.

Can I get a list of suppliers whose payment is due?

Using our Supplier Payment Due report, which will identify the suppliers to whom you must make a payment, you can never forget a payment that is due!

Can we run an invoice report which can be imported to our third-party software?

Yes, get purchase/sales invoices report which can be customised to import in to your third-party accounting software!

Can we manage hotel inventory?

By using our hotel inventory report, you can conveniently check and manage the inventory of your contracted hotel rooms.

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