Understanding the Role of a Booking Engine in the Travel Industry

By moonstride | 20 June 2023
Understanding the Role of a Booking Engine in the Travel Industry

How can a Booking Engine Positively Affect My Travel Business and What Businesses can Use One?

When we talk about booking engines, it is not just for online sales, we do not just refer to an online booking engine seen by your clients or agents, it is also for your staff to utilise.

Whether you sell fixed departure or open departure tours, package bookings combining one or all of flights, hotels and additional services or you provide completely bespoke tailor made holidays, a booking engine can benefit your business from DMC’s, Tour Operators, OTA’s or Travel Agents.

We look into the ways a booking engine brings huge potential to elevate your business and understand the role it plays across a travel business.

Efficiency, Streamlining & Productivity

The more automation in place, the more efficient your business will be. Introducing a booking engine for your staff reduces the manual workload, whether its logging onto supplier portals, emailing suppliers for availability and pricing or searching through static contracts.

No multiple systems or excel spreadsheets. A booking engine for travel agents or tour booking engine gives you real time price and availability and instant confirmation ability. With moonstride’s pricing manager, you can pre-set all your default margins, marks ups, admin costs, card charges, agent commissions and supplier commissions at incredibly detailed levels reducing those staff error’s that occur from time to time.

Add an online booking engine for your travel agents and customers to self-serve and you vastly reduce the number of calls, quotes and enquiries your staff have to handle. All added together, the results are more time for your staff to concentrate on marketing, customer support and other key area’s of your business.

moonstride offers many automation features from emails to accounting.

Access the Global Market & Contract Loading

Introducing a booking engine can provide instant access to a global market. Choose from our many integrated suppliers to get immediate access in just one click to supplier pricing, availability and content from a multitude of products & suppliers from every continent of the globe.

If you have direct static contracts from your suppliers, in moonstride you can load all your contracts from charter flights to transfers, hotels to car hire, tours & activities to insurance and any additional services you offer in our ‘add ons’ option.

How can a Booking Engine Improve Customer Experience & Personalisation?

Efficiency is certainly one way to improve your customers’ experience but there is more to it than being efficient. In this modern era everybody wants everything now so when your client is faced with two options – having to call or message you to enquire versus the convenience of browsing tours, hotels or packages without the need of personal assistance, the desire for immediate information and answers that a booking engine provides normally wins.

moonstride provides a seamless booking experience on your customers online journey improving customer satisfaction and increasing the chances of conversion.

Personalisation comes in many forms from automated documents with client details to exciting new potential from AI, ChatGPT and chatbots to create suggested itineraries. When you go one step further and consider the combination of moonstride’s travel booking engine with our travel CRM, the level of personalisation is incredible and sky rockets.

Can a Travel Booking Engine Really Bring Increased Revenue?

The answer is simple, yes it can.

When you provide a top, smooth, easy to use and seamless online travel booking engine to your customers or travel agents, the convenience and customer experience alone can lead to more clients accessing your pricing and quotations leading to more sales. Anyone who did not want to call you to get a price now gets a quote from your website instead of a competitor, anyone that did not want to send an email explaining what they want now gets a quote from your website.

There is always a case when someone would rather pick up the phone, since your staff have reduced their workload and have the benefit of the moonstride travel CRM & booking engine they can now provide a better over the phone customer experience.

A good booking engine has a direct correlation with higher conversion rates both online and via your call centre.

What Other Benefits are There to moonstride and Booking Engines?

Data & reporting is key to drive smart decisions. The more actions done within a platform such as moonstride, the more data you gather. Track your online customer journey to understand your client’s behaviour, gain valuable insights across your business spectrum with rich analytical data and immense reporting options and capability.

Integrations and automation are a key part of any travel software. Yes we integrate with suppliers of various travel products but it is all the additional extra’s you get such as integrations with accounts software like Xero, marketing platforms, E-signatures, payment gateways, automated emails, bespoke pipelines, bespoke tag management and so much more!

moonstride is a Booking Engine, Back office and CRM. We offer the full package, a single solution for your travel business driving automation, efficiency and conversion. When you combine our booking engine with our powerful back office and travel CRM, you have the tools you require to elevate your travel business to the next level.

Unleash the power of innovation with moonstride and book your personalised moonstride demo today.

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