Enquiry Creation in Travel CRM

Enquiry Creation

Capture all the information you need to get an enquiry off to the best start and turn quality enquiries into bookings.
Enquiry Creation in Travel CRM
Passenger Creation

Passenger Creation

Have all the passenger information at your fingertips making it easier to offer excellent service and deliver a differentiated customer experience.
Travel CRM Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management

With the enquiry list feature, clearly visualise all enquiries at a glance. Ensure nothing is left to chance and effectively manage your workflow.
Travel CRM Enquiry Management
Calendar View

Calendar View

Switch to the calendar view and make sense of your to-do list with a clear overview of all of the enquiries you are working on. Prioritise enquiries, efficiently plan your time and meet deadlines.
Enquiry Section

Note Management

Foolproof each enquiry with moonstride’s dedicated note management tool and ensure the key information is communicated across the appropriate channels.

Tagging Solution

An easy and intuitive way to identify and collate enquiries based on pre-defined factors. Increase efficiency, stay organised and track the progress of all ongoing enquiries.
Website Integration

Website Integration

Expand your sales channels with seamless website integration and automatically capture every website enquiry without lifting a finger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enquiry management software?

moonstride offers intuitive enquiry management software that allows you to create, track and manage enquiries with minimal effort and time. Easily capture all the information you need including passenger details and requests, and effectively manage and monitor the enquiry through each stage of the sales cycle.

What features are included in the moonstride enquiry management system?

moonstride’s enquiry management system provides all the tools you need to manage enquiries. These include:

  • The ability to create multiple enquiries associated with one passenger record.
  • The option to pull through existing passenger records or create a new passenger record subject to the enquiry type.
  • Record all passenger special requests, preferences, and requirements to offer a differentiated customer experience.
  • Allocate enquiries to team members and track their ongoing status through to completion.
  • Create multiple quotations associated with one single enquiry.
  • Manage customer expectations and interactions with the ability to add notes, tasks and follow-ups associated with the enquiry.
  • Heighten communication with customers using the two-way email communication tool where all correspondence is stored centrally.
  • Seamless website integration with every online enquiry loading automatically into the CRM.

For more features, click here.

How does moonstride enquiry management software help travel agents and tour operators?

Our enquiry management software offers the best chances of converting enquiries into bookings with the ability to capture and display all the details you need to create the perfect holiday. Keep track of the on-going status of any enquiry to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Can moonstride integrate with my website?

Yes, we have readily available APIs which can seamlessly integrate your website with our moonstride enquiry management software.

Can enquiries be captured automatically from the website? 

As soon as your website is integrated with our moonstride enquiry management software using our enquiry API, all online enquiries will automatically be populated directly into the moonstride platform as soon as a customer submits an enquiry form on the website.

Is it mandatory to add all customer details into the enquiry at the time of creation?

It is possible to create an enquiry without adding all of the customer details. However, to create and send a quotation you will have to insert the lead customer details to email them the quote and associated documents.

How can we receive notifications for follow-ups?

Within each enquiry you can manually set notifications and alerts to remind you to follow-up with an enquiry. All alerts and notifications automatically push through to the dashboard to ensure nothing is left to chance and you can effectively manage your workflow.

Is it possible to customise the enquiry title to suit our business needs?

The moonstride platform provides flexibility to configure the enquiry title. Based on pre-defined rules the system will automatically generate the enquiry title for you or you can manually enter the enquiry title subject to your preferences.

Can we export a list of enquiries into excel or a CSV file?

With a click of a button export enquiries to excel or a CSV file and generate reports based on your business needs.

Can we view a list of all on-going enquiries?

With moonstride you can easily keep on top of all ongoing enquiries. Using the calendar view functionality make sense of your to-do list with a clear overview of all of the enquiries you are working on and see enquiries that need to be actioned, followed-up or released. Prioritise enquiries, efficiently plan your time and meet deadlines.

How does enquiry Kanban (pipeline) view helps travel agents and tour operators?

moonstride’s Kanban (pipeline) view provides a clear and real-time overview of what is happening with each enquiry, quotation, and booking so you can easily stay on top of your workload and focus on the enquiries most likely to convert.

Is it possible to identify which enquiries are unassigned or untouched?

With moonstride’s tagging solution, you can track the progress of all ongoing enquiries with the ability to instantly search and filter enquiries in your chosen format. From assigned to unassigned or not yet contacted, use several fields to highlight the enquiries you are looking for.

Can we modify Kanban (pipeline) view stages as per our business requirements?

Yes, you can easily manage the Kanban (pipeline) view and add stages as per your business requirements. In the pipeline stage there is a default stage for enquiries, quotations and bookings which cannot be deleted. It is possible to edit the name of each stage to suit your business needs.

Is it possible to communicate with passengers and send emails at the enquiry stage?

Using our internal email communication system, you can send emails to the customer at any stage of the sales cycle and view all correspondence directly within the moonstride platform.

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