CRM for Travel: How Tour Operators can Enhance the Customer Journey

By moonstride | 17 February 2022
CRM for Travel: How Tour Operators can Enhance the Customer Journey
Travel agencies, tour operators, and DMCs aim to make people's vacations the best of their lives: the tourism industry works behind the scenes so that the customers may enjoy a finished product that allows them to make their free time their greatest treasure. A robust CRM system is a valuable friend in ensuring that this happy ending occurs. In today's article, we'll discuss what a software for tour operators is and why having one will improve your clients' experience. Don't let the lack of tour operator software in your team ruin your customer care.

How Travel CRM Software Benefit Tour Operators

CRM + Benefits

It does exactly what it says: we’re talking about a system that helps you to manage your client relationships in a simple and effective manner. The successful acquisition of client data is, in essence, the cornerstone of a solid CRM system. This information may be used by travel agencies, tour operators, and DMCs to target specific clients, resulting in increased sales. This isn’t, however, the only possibility for a platform like this.

A CRM software for travel helps you to obtain a deeper knowledge of your consumers through their data and demands, allowing you to better react to their requirements, make better decisions, and design a proper strategy for your business. Some of our favourite aspects of using this type of software, according to us at moonstride, are as follows:

All in One Place
There will be no room for misunderstandings anymore. All customer information, requirements, and preferences will be collected in one place, accessible to the whole team. Furthermore, because this is an online service, all data will be updated in real time. Previous enquiries, quotations, reservations, and interactions are all kept in one location in this way. This will make providing a highly personalised experience to your customers much easier, as well as improving the travel customer journey through your company.

Productivity + Time Saver
Not only will your clients be impressed by your quick organisation, but so will your team. When dealing with large amounts of data or making decisions, a CRM system can help you save time. As a result, your output will increase, giving you a competitive edge. Because all information is recorded – from the first interaction with your client to the end of their trip – you will be able to respond quickly to their needs. If you have CRM for tour operators on your team, your job will be a breeze. Don’t underestimate the power of automation.

Boost Your Sales
Having all of your customer information in one place automatically leads to more product sales. What is the reasoning behind this? You can better target your sales to the right audience at the right time by using a CRM system. It allows you to make precise predictions, such as how to maximise a customer’s vacation time. Your sales will increase as a result of better planning and making the right decisions at the right time.

With two-factor authentication enabled in the CRM, moonstride requires that all users must separately provide two pieces of information to get access to their account. All data, on the other hand, is stored in an encrypted format. This indicates that data has been encrypted and converted into a code that can only be decoded with the help of a password. We adhere to the most up-to-date GDPR rules in terms of data protection and storage.

… and yes, we also have mobile app
Do you know that little device that is stuck on your hand? Your mobile phone is always with you, and your customers are the same. As a result, at moonstride, we’ve created an app that complements our system. Your customers will be able to view their itinerary on the go! Thanks to this mobile application, which allows them to see the trip summary, upload documents, and use it offline.

moonstride: Making Your Customers Happy

moonstride: Making Your Customers Happy

Customer service is all about giving your customers the best possible experience, and a CRM system is the ideal tool for that. Thanks to all of these features, platforms like moonstride are here to make your day-to-day job operations run like clockwork throughout the week. Our system is designed for both large and small teams, and it adapts not only to your business but also to your clients. Our development team, on the other hand, would love to hear from you if you believe you need any additional functionality to better fit your type of business or meet the needs of your clients.

There is one more thing! To make their experience even better, your customers will want to feel in complete control of everything that is going on. They’ll also have access to moonstride, which will let them manage their reservations, change their preferences, update their information, submit necessary paperwork, and make payments.

moonstride is here to make your day-to-day job flow through the week like a clockwork
Do you want to learn more about these benefits and others that online travel software has for travel agencies? If you’d like to try these benefits for your company, arrange a call with our team and request our no-obligation demo.

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