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Itinerary Builder Software

Work more intelligently, sell & deliver quickly and effectively
Easy to Build Itineraries

Easy to Build Itineraries

Create a fully personalised day-by-day itinerary within minutes with our easy-to-use interface and eliminate copy and pasting into word documents.

Customise Itinerary

Customise Itinerary

Simple, easy tool to help you create bespoke and multi-destination customised itineraries that impress and inspire your customers.

Add Services from Your Inventory

Add Services from Your Inventory

Single place to search and add flights, accommodation, transportation and activities to your itinerary.

Predefined Packages

Predefined Packages

Setup predefined day-by-day travel packages that suit your customers’ need, customise as required and book them seamlessly.

Your Own Content

Your Own Content

Easily organise day-wise content in multiple languages for destinations, flights, accommodation, transportation and activities.

Wow Your Customers

Wow Your Customers

Inspire and impress customers with interactive, content-rich itinerary. Share your itineraries by email, web links or PDF.

Offline Itinerary App (Optional)

Offline Itinerary App (Optional)

In addition to online and PDF versions of your itineraries, deliver your customers with a mobile app to view their trip itinerary on their smartphone. Access trip information and documents offline or online.

How Does moonstride Itinerary Builder Work?

We like to do more to plan and structure your business in a shorter time
Create Dynamic and Predefined Travel Packages
Build Entire Itinerary within Minutes Using Predefined Travel Packages
View Your Itineraries and Make Changes Easily
Share Itineraries with Travelers

Dynamic Itineraries Created Using moonstride

The simple way to send beautiful itineraries and quotes is introduced. Click below to view some examples.
Dynamic Itineraries Created Using moonstride

Frequently Asked Questions

For group itineraries, is it possible to display per person pricing in moonstride itinerary builder software?

Yes, you can display per person pricing for group itineraries using moonstride itinerary builder software.

Can we create itineraries for group quotes and bookings?

Yes, you can use itinerary builder to create your group tour quotes and bookings, with a number of features to make managing your groups simple. For more details, please click here.

Do I have to pay extra for the mobile itinerary app?

Yes, the mobile itinerary app is available as an add-on and can be purchased with any plan. For more details, please click here.

Do you have a mobile app for customers where they can view travel itineraries?

Yes, we do have a travel itinerary app for tour operators. Tour operators can share the app with their customers so they can view their itinerary and download documents to view everything offline. For more details, please click here.

Can we attach different document links to the itinerary?

Yes, you can attach multiple document links to the itinerary using itinerary builder software for their customers’ reference.

Is it possible to show itemised pricing in the itinerary in moonstride itinerary builder?

Yes, there are multiple options on how you want your itinerary to display pricing, including itemised pricing in the itineraries using the moonstride travel itinerary builder.

Is it possible to upload multiple images for destinations in your travel agency itinerary software?

Yes, you can add any chosen number of images for destinations using the itinerary software.

Does moonstride online itinerary software provide a feature to add or define day level description?

Tour operators and travel agencies can add or define day-by-day descriptions to each itinerary, pulling in pre-loaded descriptions or customising the content.

Can I add location content to the itinerary using moonstride itinerary builder software?

Yes, you can add location content and destination descriptions to itineraries using moonstride itinerary builder software.

Can tour operators create multi-destination bespoke itineraries using moonstride’s itinerary builder software?

Yes, tour operators can create multi-destination bespoke itineraries using moonstride’s itinerary builder software. Adding multiple destinations and creating complex arrangements is easy; add as many hotel stays, transfers, tours and flights as you need to produce the perfect itinerary. All arrangements are clearly laid out in a day-by-day itinerary, so your customer knows exactly what is included during each part of their trip.

How can travel agents or tour operators send an itinerary to their customers?

Travel agents or tour operators can send itineraries to their customers via email, by sending a web link or by attaching a PDF through moonstride. Our itinerary app also enables customers to easily view their itineraries, travel documents and other information easily on their smartphones at any point throughout the booking process.

Can the itinerary document be customised?

moonstride platform gives you flexibility to create and customise every element of your itinerary documents. Our itinerary templates are created using HTML which means more flexibility for you. Add your company logo, branding, terms and conditions, payment information and choose what level of detail is displayed to your customers at each stage. Before sending each quote or confirmation of booking to your customers, you will be able to select the itinerary type from predefined templates, for example to remove pricing from a quotation for specific party members. You can also generate customer invoices which show just a total price, a complete breakdown of services or both together.

Is it possible to create bespoke / customised itineraries using the moonstride automated online itinerary builder?

Yes, our travel itinerary software provides a feature to create bespoke, dynamic and automated itineraries. Travel agents and tour operators can add multi-destination, day-by-day itinerary details from pre-loaded products or by integrating the tour builder with a range of GDSs or APIs. It’s easy to mix and match services such as flights, accommodation, transfers and activities to create an itinerary to suit any customer’s requirements.

How can a travel agent or tour operator create a travel itinerary?

Travel agents or tour operators can create day-by-day travel itineraries easily using our intuitive tour builder software, which works effectively for both single-centre or multi-centre trips. Load in product descriptions and other important details for key hotels and services provided, which can then be pulled through one by one to your itineraries. Include all services from flights to hotels, tours and transfers, choosing to add each service manually or pull everything through from a GDS or third-party API. Itineraries can then be saved as a template or created from scratch every time.

How does moonstride travel itinerary software help travel agents & tour operators?

Our travel itinerary software helps travel agents, tour operators, DMC’s and more to create day-by-day itineraries for their customers, which show every element of a trip no matter how complex. Using our dynamic itinerary builder as your back office software, you can create pre-packaged or completely bespoke itineraries to impress your customers. Within the itineraries, you will be able to add services and details to include:

  • Day-by-day plan and destinations
  • Flights with all relevant detail from flight numbers to seats selected
  • Accommodation information with a description, images, address, check-in and check-out dates and times
  • Transfers included from A to B, for example airport pick-up and drop-offs or transfers to key sights
  • Activities and excursions for each day

I believe we also have better PDF itineraries we can display, brighter with more imagery

What features are provided by moonstride travel itinerary software?

Some of the many features provided by moonstride travel itinerary software include:

  • Bespoke customised day-by-day itineraries
  • Easy set up for itinerary templates and predefined day-by-day packages
  • Itemised services such as flights, hotels, transportation, activities etc.
  • Professional and clear itinerary documents
  • Itineraries that can be shared with customers via email, web links or as a PDF
  • Offline itinerary app – Customers can view their trip itinerary and access documents on their smartphones without using up data

For more features, click here.

What is a travel itinerary?

A travel itinerary showcases a day-by-day schedule for planned travel. It can include the destinations to be visited and services opted for within each destination, including hotels, transfers, flights and excursions. A well-formatted travel itinerary will give your travelers a clear idea of exactly what is included on each day of their trip and can show details such as accommodation information, pick up times, transfer and tour durations and how much time will be spent travelling on any given day.


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