Supplier Invoicing

Single Supplier View

Single Supplier View

Store and organise supplier details in one place. Manage address, contact information and service types for each supplier.



Record money owed to suppliers for each booking, create invoices without spending lots of time and easily track invoices.

Multi-Currency Accounting

Multi-Currency Accounting

Automate conversion rates for bookings & invoicing in different currencies.

Easy Exports

Easy Exports

Use in-built tool to export supplier invoices & reports to CSV and PDF.

Analytical Accounting

Analytical Accounting

Fast, flexible and accurate reports. Choose your supplier and view reports for supplier invoices, payments, detailed component payment reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invoicing Software for travel agents and tour operators?

moonstride’s easy-to-use invoicing software will speed up your invoicing and improve cash flow with all the supplier details centrally located in one place. The system allows you to organise supplier addresses, contact information, and service types provided by each supplier. Create accurate and professional invoices and track all your payments, keeping your business organised and your suppliers happy.

How does moonstride invoice software help travel agents and tour operators?

Our invoice software streamlines the payment process and provides a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow. With moonstride, you can easily schedule all your supplier invoices and send them on time. At a glance see when invoices are going out, when they are due and when they’ve been paid. Save time and effort with the ability to pay multiple invoices in one go and batch multiple bookings together in one invoice to pay a supplier at once making payments quicker than ever before.

What features are provided by moonstride’s invoice software for tour operators and travel agents?

Some of the key features included with moonstride’s invoice software are as follows:

  • Manage supplier details in one place
  • Centrally see all your paid and unpaid invoices
  • Easily record money owed to suppliers for each booking
  • Define due dates for supplier invoices to see what needs to be paid when
  • Manage exchange rate fluctuations and currency conversion rates for booking and invoicing
  • Export supplier invoices and reports in CSV and PDF
  • View supplier payment details and component payment details

For more features, click here.

How can I sign-up for the moonstride travel agency invoice software?

Signing up for the travel agency invoice software is really simple, all you need to do is request a demo. One of our friendly specialists will then get in touch with you as soon as possible to set-up your account.

Is the travel agency invoice software an Optional or is it included in the pro platform?

If you have opted for the pro platform, then this feature is already included with your package.

Can we view booking wise commission for the supplier?

Yes, our moonstride platform provides flexibility to view booking wise commission for each supplier. You can also download a commission report in CSV or PDF file. For more details, click here.

Can you manage supplier commission with moonstride’s invoicing software?

Yes, with moonstride’s invoicing software, you can easily manage the commission from suppliers and visually see the amount and dates.

How can a travel agent or tour operator create an invoice using the supplier invoice software?

As soon as you’ve made a payment to your supplier, you can generate a professional looking invoice in seconds using the supplier invoice software. Simply assign the payment, a description and reference number and with a click of a button generate your invoice. All the information is automatically saved and stored centrally so you can easily keep track of all ongoing payments and stay organised.

Is it possible to generate a single invoice for one supplier which includes payments for several different bookings?

Yes, our moonstride platform provides the flexibility to bundle a number of payments for different bookings together into one simplified invoice. The invoice will clearly display the booking reference alongside each payment so the supplier can identify what the payments are for and you can save time by sending one invoice rather than several individual invoices specific to each booking.

Can we download invoices into a PDF document?

Our moonstride platform includes a built-in tool to export and download supplier invoices into PDF or CSV format.

Can we see payment due dates for suppliers using the invoice software for tour operators and travel agents?

Yes, moonstride’s invoice software for tour operators and travel agents provides fast, flexible and accurate reports. Using these reports, you can easily track when payments are due to suppliers and see detailed component payment reports. You can also download payment due reports into CSV or PDF formant. For more details, click here.

Does the invoice software record payments sent to each supplier?

As soon as you’ve made a payment to your supplier and generated an invoice, easily log and record both partial and full payments that have been made and track all payments so you know exactly what’s been paid, when to send your next payment and how much you still owe.

Is it possible to send a payment for multiple invoices to a supplier in one go?

Yes, with moonstride you can save time and increase productivity by paying multiple invoices in one go. Simply select the supplier and clearly view all invoices linked to that supplier, bundle together the invoices you want to pay for and send the payment for these in one go.

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