How a Team Inbox Helps You Offer the Best Customer Service

By moonstride | 24 July 2020
How a Team Inbox Helps You Offer the Best Customer Service
5 reasons a “team inbox” helps your travel business handle customer relationships better

moonstride’s email tracking gives users all the benefits of a team inbox. Whether you’re a small or big travel business, viewing all communication in one place is invaluable for so many reasons, here are the big benefits you might not have considered before;

1. Better Collaboration

When everyone in the company can see what is happening with a client, it makes it far easier to collaborate. If someone is off sick, on holiday or on a fam trip, colleagues can easily take over client servicing, with complete transparency on all past conversations. There’s no need to forward emails, copy and paste information, or bother someone with a phone call – simply check the inbox!

2. Flexibility

If you’re a smaller company, you might feel stretched at certain peak times of the year, whether that’s a busy booking period, or a typical peak summer travel time. The shared inbox allows other team members to step in and assist with customer servicing or confirmations during these times ensuring that service levels don’t slip. If you’re a larger business, you naturally encounter staff turnover, so it is easier to integrate new team members to the system with a shared inbox, and former colleagues won’t leave unanswered emails behind.

3. Easier to Tackle Issues Or Complaints

Having complete transparency on communications allows a manager or colleague to step in and assist with issues or complaints. They can review communications with suppliers, as well as conversations between the travel planner and customer which is priceless when you’re at the receiving end of an unexpected out-of-hours call which needs to be resolved quickly. As all the attachments also file neatly, you won’t be searching around for important attachments either.

4. Smart Email Templates

Use the system to set up your standard frequently used email templates that can be used by everyone in the company, from enquiry responses to pre-trip reminders. Concerned your company will lose the personal touch? Don’t be as every email can be customised by every user as much or as little as you like but they’re guaranteed to look more professional and save you time.

5. Centrally Track And Log Your Emails Anytime From Anywhere

If you are working out of hours sending emails from your phone or you happen to send emails on your personal email account, you can still track these emails. By forwarding your email to the communication specific email address, it’ll simply be filed into the communication trail meaning that information that might have got lost before is filed safely on the system.

The author has over a decade’s experience in the tailormade travel industry, specialising in luxury, experiential travel. Having worked across sales, purchasing and business development, she believes great systems and processes are the essential building blocks of a successful travel company whatever the size
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