How to Speed Up Your Sales Using moonstride’s 360-Degree CRM

By moonstride | 29 March 2022 |
How to Speed Up Your Sales Using moonstride’s 360-Degree CRM
360 Customer View is the hit trend in business. Find out how it can be beneficial for your company and see your sales rise. Are your clients prepared to feel like VIPs?

That’s exactly what it’s about. Make your customers feel like VIPs. Travel agents are seeking to provide their customers with a more personalised and unique experience. One in which your travellers perceive you as a friend rather than a business.

The horizon is the 1:1 marketing. That’s the goal. Is this a novel idea? Absolutely not. Indeed, it’s quite old. Since time is immemorial, shopkeepers have been remembering their customers’ details.

Why? It’s simple. To use that information to provide better service. As a result, sales increase.

“It’s like acting like your
neighbourhood corner store”

The revolution of this more personalised type of marketing consists in segmenting individuals rather than groups. Instead of sending the same “generic” message to a group of customers, you can tailor your marketing material to a single client.

As I before stated, make them feel like VIPs.

Yes, I am aware. You’re wondering how you’re going to pull off this kind of marketing strategy. After all, this system works well in a small neighbourhood store where the clientele is limited to the usual 50-100 people.

So, how do you offer the same customer experience when you’ve over 1,000?

While there are many methods for doing it, an increasing number of travel agents are relying on a CRM to reach out to their customers one-on-one.

Indeed, CRM growth among marketing leaders is expected to be 25% year-over-year, according to experts (via HubSpot). It’s one of the most popular tools for reaching out to customers with personalised and tailored marketing.

360-degree CRM for Your Customers

moonstride: 360-degree CRM for your customers

When it comes to personalised marketing, one of the features used is CRM’s 360 Customer View, such as the one provided by moonstride. What exactly does this mean? It refers to a system that centralises your clients’ information.

Consider it like a summary of your customers’ interactions with your brand. What are their previous purchases, their interactions with your website, their tastes, preferences, vacation times and knowing this information allows you to provide them with the service and products they need.

“Top-performing professionals
are more likely to use a CRM”

It’s like acting like your neighbourhood corner store, but on a larger scale. At the end of the day, the business’s performance is also significantly improved. According to Salesforce data, top-performing professionals are three times more likely to use CRM tools on a regular basis than underperformers (via HubSpot).

Let’s look at the advantages of 1:1 marketing and 360 Customer View to improve and speed up your sales.

  • Forecasting

Stay ahead of your customers. When you use a travel CRM like moonstride, the system allows you to view your customers’ transaction history. A centralised and up-to-date history.

You can make a better prediction of your customers’ next buy movements if you have both their past and present information. If you also know what their preferences are, you can prepare travel packages and offers to deliver them at the right time and in the right way.

  • Sales opportunities

This is linked to the previous point. Keep an eye out for better sales opportunities. If you know ahead of time that a customer prefers to travel in the spring, for example, you know when to launch your marketing campaign and offer them your product.

To achieve this, you should, of course, know your client like the back of your hand. This is where the CRM tools come in to help you get to know them. Smart customer profiling, the Dashboard they’re tools that make it easier for you to manage and know your customer base. And your opportunities.

  • Loyalty + CLV

Once we know our client, what they want, what they are looking for, and when they are looking for us, it’s time to offer them that personalised, enriched, one-of-a-kind, and tailor-made experience. As a result, you’ll be able to build a stronger and more positive relationship with our clients.

When a customer feels cared for and valued by you, the likelihood of developing a long-term relationship with them increases. They’re more likely to engage with your company and return to you year after year for their vacation.

After all, who wouldn’t if an agent knows how to tailor your vacation to your specific needs? You’ll also get a higher customer lifetime value this way.

  • Improved team communication

Tour operator software also helps in the improvement of communication between your departments. Marketing, sales, accounting, and human resources teams will all work more collaboratively and organise themselves better to provide customers with the desired experience.

Furthermore, because all your employees will have access to the same up-to-date database they’ll be able to better answer your customers requirements. Your buyers won’t have to explain their requirements or vacation periods over and over again because all your employees will already be aware of this information.

(quick note: moonstride is also a cloud-based system. This means that your teams can access the same up-to-date information whenever they want, wherever they’re).

  • Back-office + automation

This point isn’t closely related to 1:1 marketing, but it can also help you increase sales. A back-office system allows your teams to work more efficiently. You save both time and money. It improves your operational efficiency and enhances your company profitability.

You have more time to spend with your clients when you have a fluid work system. You have more hours in the day to spend with your travellers when you can automate tasks like sending emails or creating itineraries. What do they need, what do they seek, and what are their preferences?

Once you’ve solved these questions, you’ll have more chances to sell your products. Learn more about this in our article 5 Benefits of Choosing moonstride as your Backoffice Travel Software.

Bring Your Business Closer to Your Customers

Bring your business closer to your customers

Now you see why we say 1:1 marketing is the business equal of a corner store, don’t you? You’ll get to know your customers better with tools like moonstride. Expect their needs and provide them with a more personalised experience.

As a result, your sales will increase and your relationship with your customers will become closer and more lasting. As you’d expect from your neighbourhood all-life store.

Expect their needs and
provide them with a more personalised experience

If you want to learn more about how to make your marketing and sales strategy more effective, then schedule a call with our team, who will be happy to tell you more about how moonstride can help you boost your sales.

You can also request a free demo by clicking on the Request a Demo button to learn more about all the benefits.

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