The Challenges of Loading Hotel Contracted Rates

By moonstride | 23 November 2023
The Challenges of Loading Hotel Contracted Rates
The travel industry faces a multitude of challenges when it comes to loading FIT hotel contracted rates into their systems. The rate loading process is a critical aspect of your operations, any errors or delays can cause pricing discrepancies, operational inefficiencies, and lead to customer dissatisfaction. moonstride is a specialised travel industry software, offering innovative solutions to address these contracting challenges and transform the rate loading process into a seamless and efficient operation.

Rates Management

moonstride provides a centralised platform that simplifies rates management. Users can easily upload and maintain contracted rates for multiple hotels and room types. The system ensures that rate information and data is accurate and consistent, reducing the risk of pricing errors.

Inventory Management

moonstride inventory management capabilities include allocations, room inventory management, and stop sales just to name a few. These features are pivotal in maintaining a well-organised and accurate inventory system.

Booking Rules and Policies

Managing complex booking rules and policies like cancellation terms and minimum stay requirements is straightforward in the moonstride platform. Users can define and enforce policies across the system, ensuring that contractual obligations are consistently adhered to.

Offers and Discounts

moonstride simplifies the management of offers and discounts. Special deals and discounts can easily be configured, ensuring that customers can access and receive the most competitive rates.

Currency Conversion

moonstride has the ability to present rates in the desired currency therefore eliminating complexities associated with exchange rates. moonstride’s customisable rates make conversion a hassle-free experience.

Vendor Communication

moonstride promotes effective communication with hotel partners. moonstride offers direct messaging and collaboration with suppliers, enhancing transparency, issue resolution, saving time and reducing error. Any discrepancies can be addressed promptly.

In summary, moonstride is a comprehensive single solution that revolutionises the contract rate loading process for the travel industry. By simplifying rate management, enforcing booking rules, and facilitating the management of offers and discounts, moonstride optimises the loading process. With added benefits such as currency conversion, vendor communication and more, moonstride ensures that travel professionals can consistently deliver competitive and accurate rates to their customers while minimising errors and inefficiencies.

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