Travel Quotation Management

Quotation Management

With an intuitive interface, visualise all quotations and know everything going on in real-time.
Travel Quotation Management
Passenger Creation

Passenger Creation

Capture all the passenger information you need in the quotation builder software. The more detail you have on each customer, the better you can fulfil their expectations and maximise revenue opportunities.
Travel CRM Dashboard

Travel Services

Add travel services from a variety of sources and maximise your ever-growing product offering. Gone are the days of time-consuming quotes. With moonstride, quote generation is fast and flexible.

Package Builder

Simplify the task of building quotes and create personalised day-by-day itineraries within minutes. Save time, sell more, and transform the way you work.
CRM Pricing Manager

Pricing Manager

Designed to eliminate error, improve accuracy, and make pricing easy, leaving you with extra time and profit.
CRM Pricing Manager
Centralised Communication

Communication Centralisation

Centralise your communication and say goodbye to digging through your inbox with our two-way email system. Improve communication, collaboration and ensure customer satisfaction.
Task Management

Task Management

Work smarter and get more done with moonstride’s task manager. Use tasks to plan, stay organised and never miss a deadline.

Tag Management

An easy and intuitive way to identify and collate quotations based on pre-defined factors. Increase productivity, save time, and easily manage all quotations.

Policy Control

In a rapidly changing environment, protect your business and the customer with easily adaptable and concise terms and conditions.
Travel Quotation Validity

Quotation Validity

Automate repetitive tasks and let the platform do the work for you. Reduce error and work more efficiently.
Professional Documentation

Professional Documentation

Speed up the booking process, boost conversion and leave customers impressed with interactive and eye-catching quotations.
Professional Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quotation Management Software?

moonstride’s quotation management software streamlines the entire quotation process with the ability to create fast and flexible quotes, which are error-free and look visually stunning. Send quotations to customers with ease and provide an easy way for them to pay.

What features are provided by the moonstride quotation management system?

moonstride’s quotation management system provides all the tools you need to create and send quotations. These include:

  • The creation of personalised day-by-day packages within minutes using our flexible package builder.
  • Easy access to an array of travel services including flights, accommodation, transfers and more.
  • Elimination of pricing errors with simple costing and predefined markup rules for each service component, letting the system calculate the expected costs for you.
  • Predefined rules to automatically define a quotations deposit amount, expiry date and validity.
  • A notification centre to keep you updated with tasks and alerts associated with each quotation.
  • Sharing quotes/documents with customers with a click of a button.

For more features, click here.

How does the moonstride quotation management software help travel agents and tour operators?

Designed to make your life easier, our quotation management software helps you create tailored day-by-day packages within minutes. Easily manage dynamic pricing, share quotations and provide an easy way for customers to pay. With intuitive notification rules, get real-time updates on the status of every quotation and increase the chances of converting them into bookings.

Can I create multiple quotations for one enquiry using the moonstride quotation management software?

You can create multiple quotations associated with one enquiry. All quotations are stored centrally to ensure you save time and keep your workload organised. Easily view all quotations associated with a single enquiry in the quotation management system and gain insight into the enquiry’s stage of the sales cycle.

How can travel agents and tour operators add travel services into a quotation?

Add travel services from a variety of sources and maximise your ever-growing product offering with moonstride. Quickly search and add travel services loaded from your product inventory, enter travel services manually or integrate with third-party suppliers and book the travel services you need directly within the platform.

Can I connect with third-party suppliers to get real-time data?

With moonstride, you can connect with multiple suppliers and global distribution systems and make the booking process simple and effective with real-time availability and confirmation. Gain access to the best negotiated rates and extensive global travel product content, direct from within moonstride’s quotation software. Here are just some of the integrations supported by moonstride:

  • Aviate, Paxport for flights
  • Paxport, Hotelbeds, Interhome, Pierre Et Vacances for hotels
  • Holiday Taxis for transfers

For more details, please click here.

Is it mandatory to add customer and co-travellers details into the quotation?

To create and send a quotation, you will have to insert the lead customer details to email them the quote and associated documents. However, it is not necessary to add co-customer details at this stage.

Can we email quotation documents to customers directly from the platform?

Easily send the customer their quotation via email, weblinks, or PDF directly from within the platform. Even better, let them view their dream trip on the mobile app where they can access all the information on or offline. Access to itineraries has never been easier and customers can view them on the go and in real-time speeding up the booking process.

Is it possible to create quotations that provide a day-by-day breakdown?

All arrangements are laid out day-by-day and costs are clearly presented, so your customer knows exactly what is included within their quotation.

Can we setup multiple deposit rules for a quotation?

Create predefined deposit rules to suit your business needs. Based on these configurations the system will automatically work out the deposit amounts for you. For more details, please click here.

Can we customise quotation and itinerary templates?

Using our moonstride CRM, each itinerary/quotation can be saved as a template, to save you time and avoid having to create each itinerary from scratch. All documentation is built on HTML templates making it easy to edit them suited to your customers’ requirements. Work more intelligently, improve your turnaround time, and sell more.

Can we communicate with customers and send emails at the quotation stage?

Using our internal email communication system, you can send emails to the customer at any stage of the sales cycle and view all correspondence directly within the moonstride platform.

How can we check the service availability from a supplier before sending a quote to the customer?

moonstride’s supplier confirmation management offers a two-way system, which emails all of the travel details to suppliers so they can quickly confirm availability directly within the platform. The system will notify you when each supplier responds, allowing you to ensure that all services are available before sending the quotation to the customer. Not only is the risk of error reduced but communication with the suppliers is improved.

Can we track the history of quotation emails sent to the customer?

Our moonstride platform syncs all customer email correspondence to its associated quotation so you can easily locate all correspondence with a click of a button. Know what’s happening with each quotation and improve your customer relationship.

It is possible to hide a service for a specific day or travel service from the itinerary PDF?

Yes, with moonstride you can hide the visibility of a particular service or day so it is not shown within the customers’ documentation.

Is it possible to clone an existing quotation to create a new quotation?

With a click of a button, you can clone an existing quotation and edit accordingly. Use it to make amendments for an existing enquiry or use it as a template for a new enquiry and save time.

Does the Itinerary builder have the capacity to load detailed day tour descriptions?

Yes, using our flexible itinerary builder you can include all the details required for each travel service. Include content-rich information and high-definition photos and make your itineraries stand out.

If we add a note to a specific component, will it appear on the documents?

With moonstride’s dedicated note management tool nothing is left to chance and notes can be made visible on supplier or customer documentation or hidden from documentation subject to your preferences.

Is it possible to edit the cover image for an itinerary document?

Our moonstride platform provides flexibility to upload a variety of jaw-dropping images to use for cover images in itinerary documents. Personalise the cover image to the holiday and stand out from the crowd.

Can we configure the pricing for travel services according to our requirements before sending the quotation to the customer?

Add in costs your way, with the option to add costs manually, pull through pre-loaded rates, or input costs from a third-party integration. When adding in costs the system calculates the expected margin and mark-up for you based on pre-defined rules. For each quotation, these pre-defined rules can be edited based on your preferences.

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