Maximising Productivity – Time Saving Features in moonstride’s Integrated Platform

By moonstride-dev | 21 August 2023
Maximising Productivity – Time Saving Features in moonstride’s Integrated Platform
moonstride travel management software is packed full of time saving features increasing efficiency, productivity, growth, and revenue. See how your business can benefit from moonstride incredible time saving features.

The Benefits of Time Saving

Time saving leads to increased efficiency and productivity. Every minute saved is a minute to be used in other areas of your business. More time converting sales, more time for your customer service, more time to focus and achieve your goals leading to growth and additional revenue. Time saving can be introduced across every sector of your business in sales, operations, admin, accounting, marketing and management by using some of the amazing features found in the moonstride travel CRM, back office and booking engine.

CRM – Centralised Data

Using the moonstride CRM, you can consolidate all your customer and travel agent data. Easily access and update your customer, passenger, homeworker or travel agent B2B data avoiding updating multiple platforms. Using the moonstride platform allows you to update customer & passenger records from marketing preferences to contact & passport details and apply to all linked enquiries and bookings. Store and update all your B2B travel agent details including margins and commission.

Data entry and retrieval made easy and all linked to your travel back office for enquiry, quotation and booking creation.

Effective Lead Management

Lead management provides not only time saving opportunities but allows you to be efficient ensuring no lead is forgotten enabling you to maximise every enquiry. moonstride’s enquiry API creates an enquiry directly on the moonstride platform from your online contact sources and notifies you of a new enquiry received. Your enquiry, freshly arrived in the moonstride platform with no manual requirement in sight, is ready for you to follow up or be assigned to staff members. Contact details are linked and stored within your CRM auto creating a customer profile ready for your sales & marketing team.

Set defined dates for enquiry follow flags and quotation follow ups to be automatically created for every new enquiry and quotation created or received to highlight overdue enquiries and quotations that need to be followed up.


Automation speeds up the process of many tasks. No longer do you need to send an email to every customer to remind them their balances overdue, create your email template which can be personalised and set to send to every balance x days overdue. The automated email process can be applied to more than just balance chases, send review requests x days after they return, send them a happy birthday message to re-engage with clients.

Introducing automation in repetitive tasks reduces manual effort, ensures timely communication with your customers, and streamlines your workflows.


From email conversations to sharing documentation, moonstride has you covered with more time saving and efficient processes. As moonstride is a single solution offering a CRM and back office, all your customer records are stored in the same place – the moonstride travel management platform. Quotations, itineraries, booking invoices, travel vouchers – all your documentation can be produced and emailed from moonstride in a click of a button with no download, export or copy & paste required.

moonstride travel agency back office software and CRM can also be synced with your emails so you can view full email trails and conversations in the enquiry, quotation and booking process for every individual enquiry. No need to switch between your email and moonstride, send your emails from the moonstride platform complete with personalisation such as signatures. You can build email templates for your team to use to keep your messaging on point.

AI – Supporting Your Team

AI can mean many things in terms of how it can be used and applied in a travel platform. Here are just some areas you can consider including AI into your travel business with moonstride.

Chatbots can be used to answer basic questions like ‘when is my balance due’. Every simple enquiry that is dealt with by your sales or customer services team could be handled by a simple chatbot saving a large number of basic requests having to be dealt with by your team.

If you are selling multiple destinations, it is hard for your staff to know what the best activities are or what’s available in Tokyo, London, New York, Singapore for couples, or singles or families… the list could go on. Itinerary suggestions can be created subject to basic information entered – when, how many, departure location, type of holiday you are looking for. AI could create itinerary outlines which allows your team to easily add to basket and customise, speeding up the research process.

Pipeline, Reporting and Analytics

Our bespoke sales pipeline allows you to create and customise your pipeline to your workflows. The kanban and calendar view allows you to visualise your enquiries and identify opportunities streamlining the sales process.

The sales pipeline provides great reporting, forecasting and analytical data but there’s more. From our dashboard showing your daily tasks, performance and business overview to ATOL & ABTA reports, reporting and analytics can be accessed and exported across all areas of the platform from sales and operations to accounting & management.

moonstride is single solution CRM, back office and travel booking engine meaning all your data is in one place, moonstride is a huge source of business data and it can all be accessed. The reporting and analytical capabilities allows you to get vast sums of accurate data without the need of accessing multiple platforms allowing you to make data driven decisions. This data driven approach aids identifying opportunities, saves time in the decision-making process and planning.


Third party integrations lead to huge time saving. Connect with your suppliers to make quoting a quick, simple and accurate process avoiding supplier portals and copying costs, prices and product descriptions to quotations. Confirming a booking with a non-connected supplier, send detailed email confirmation requests from the moonstride platform to the supplier to accept which will automatically confirm components in your booking pulling through notes and confirmation numbers.

moonstride is integrated to a host of third-party applications and software like DocuSign, live currency exchange rate, marketing tools like MailChimp & HubSpot, Aurastride headless CMS by Vsourz, accounting software like Xero & QuickBooks, payment gateways, travel product suppliers and more.

With seamless integration you can streamline all your business activities avoiding manual movement of data ensuring accuracy and time saving.

There are so many time saving opportunities to be applied to your business when you use moonstride travel management platform, from group bookings with self-registration options to DMC’s using bulk transfer allocation to our mobile app, online tour, single component and dynamic package booking engines, it is impossible to list them all in one blog post.

Check out the moonstride travel CRM features for yourself and see how your business can benefit from moonstride travel management software.

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