Mobile Itinerary App
Your customers will love it!

Easy to Install and Access Itinerary

Easy to Install and Access Itinerary

Send your customer an email with unique link to download the mobile app or install easily from Play Store / App Store, simply enter a unique tour operator code, booking ID and last name.

Trip Summary

Trip Summary

Day-by-day trip itinerary that impresses and provides all the information your clients need for their trip. On each day, you can view detailed information for each service.

Offline Functionality

Offline Functionality

Connect once and easily access your itineraries and documents to use offline. No need to worry about internet connectivity. 



Upload all important documents for your customers to access anywhere, anytime. Including e-tickets, booking vouchers and anything else your customers may need.

One Click Refresh

One Click Refresh

Tap refresh to update your itinerary and view any changes made in the itinerary. Receive notifications for any updates to the itinerary automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Travel Itinerary App?

Upgrade your customer experience with moonstride’s mobile itinerary app, which contains all the trip information they need in one convenient place. Accessed directly from their phone, all holiday details can be viewed on or offline so customers can view them on the go and in real-time.

What features does moonstride’s itinerary travel app include?

moonstride’s itinerary travel app includes many features to improve customer satisfaction, some of these features include:

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Free for customers to download and use at their own convenience
  • Easy access to trip information on or offline
  • Day-by-day trip information, clearly presented with all the information they need
  • Access to important documentation such as e-tickets, booking vouchers, and anything else your customers need associated to their holiday
  • Real-time information and updates with a click of a button

For more features, click here.

How can our customers’ install the holiday itinerary app?

Send your customers an email containing a unique link to download the mobile app onto their mobile device. Alternatively, they can install the app directly from Play Store/App Store using a unique tour operator code, booking ID and last name.

How does a travel agent or tour operator publish an itinerary onto the itinerary travel app?

Once a booked itinerary has been created from the moonstride platform, you can publish the itinerary onto the mobile app from within the platform. As soon it has been published the customer can access the itinerary from their mobile app.

Will the mobile itinerary app login details be the same for all customers?

No, the booking reference number and customers’ last name will be specific to each booking. However, the tour operator code will remain the same.

If amendments are made to a customer’s itinerary within the platform, will this be updated on their itinerary travel app?

If any changes are made to an itinerary in the platform, this needs to be published to the itinerary travel app for these changes to be reflected.

How can I sign up to include the moonstride itinerary app?

Signing up for the holiday itinerary app is really simple, all you need to do is request a demo. One of our friendly specialists will then get in touch with you as soon as possible to set-up your account.

Do customers need internet access to use the itinerary travel app?

Customers need to connect to the internet once to access their travel itinerary app, after that they can easily access their itineraries and documents offline.

What do customers receive by using the Travel Itinerary App?

With the travel itinerary app, customers can view all the information they need associated to their booking. This includes their day-by-day itinerary, important information and documents such as e-tickets, booking vouchers and terms and conditions. For more details, click here.

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