B2B Travel Wholesalers

Buy, manage, and sell all within one dedicated platform. Our cloud-based B2B platform is easy to use, reliable, secure, and carefully designed to compact all the features you need to make life easier. moonstride helps numerous B2B, wholesale travel organisations streamline, diversify sales channels, and run their entire business from the cloud.

Our Industry-leading B2B travel software has everything you need, with the following features

Total Inventory Control

Direct Contracting Loading Module

With our B2B travel booking system you can easily load and manage a range of contracts for a variety of different travel products no matter how complex. These include hotels, transfers, flights, activities, car hire and are completely customisable to your business needs.

Total Inventory Control

Rich Content Management

Define your own fields and add detailed product descriptions from a central location. Include limitless high-definition images, maps and easily define multiple room types, occupancy and meal plans.

Pricing Flexibility

Gain control and flexibility over pricing with the function to upload rates and define different rates for different seasons, number of travellers, and manage supplier costs and sale prices. Reduce error, sell more and drive growth.


Widen your global offering with the ability to add contracts in multiple currencies, and local taxes to enable multi-market selling.

Gain Full Inventory Control

Easily identify the capacity, allocation and stopsale of all travel products. Add and update allocation as bookable, on request or closed according to your requirements.

Policy and Booking Rules

Define and manage policies for all bookings and cancellations for each travel product no matter how complicated. From child policies to check-in/check out rules and payments, view all information within one platform and never miss a detail.

Special Offers and Discounts

Specify and select offers for multiple travel products over certain dates or booking time frames. Provide your customers with fixed or percentage amount discounts or sell as a supplement option.


Add multiple coverage options from single, multi-trip and annual insurance to your travel bookings. Manage multiple suppliers to cover insurance worldwide.

Diversify Sales Channels

Simplify Agent Relationships

Register, onboard, manage and control agent profiles all within one place. Manage their product offering, margins and commissions, and keep track of payments for multiple agents simultaneously. Easily activate or deactivate agent profiles as and when necessary.

Diversify Sales Channels

Manage Customers, Suppliers, and Travel Agents

This is a dedicated CRM for B2B travel companies meaning you can keep detailed records on all customers, suppliers, and travel agents all within one place and personalise all documentation to include your travel agent’s own branding.

API Integration

Multiple integrations with leading suppliers and global distribution systems, make the booking process simple and effective with real time availability and confirmation, access to the best negotiated rates and extensive global travel product content, direct from within moonstride’s booking engine. Create a seamless connection to a wide array of global travel suppliers for your customers.

Manage Enquiries, Quotes, and Bookings

Take control of the booking workflow and centralise management of all bookings. Create and save templates to avoid starting from scratch, and let quotations automatically change to bookings on payment. Save time and sell more with our B2B travel agency software.

Search Products

Quickly search and add your travel products in seconds to create detailed itineraries. All prices, discounts, supplements, and special offers are automatically calculated. Searching for your travel products has never been easier using a contracting module or third-party API integrated within this software for wholesale travel agencies.

Simplify Operations

Pricing Manager

Gain greater control over pricing with predefined markup rules for each service component, improving margins, and driving growth.

Simplify Travel Operations

Centralise Communication with Customers

Centralise your communication, and say goodby to digging through your inbox. Our two-way email system syncs all customer and supplier email correspondence to its associated enquiry/quotation/booking.

Automate Booking Confirmation with Suppliers

Supplier confirmation management offers a two-way system, which emails the quotation details to suppliers so they can quickly confirm availability directly within the platform. The system will notify you when each supplier responds, allowing you to ensure that all services are booked and never missed. Not only is the risk of error reduced but communication with the suppliers is improved and centralised.

Improve Your Service Ordering Process

Ensure Service Delivery

Never miss a beat with our operations module, with a centralised overview of all booked services, you can quickly identify any missed reservations and ensure nothing is ever missed.

Improved Service Ordering Process

Organise Rooming, Transfers, and Flight Lists

Easily organise passengers departures and arrivals. Create rooming, transfers, and flight lists and send them to your suppliers.

Complete Management of Receivables and Payables

Process Invoicing and Confirmations

Upon receiving online or offline payments from customers, you can automatically send/generate invoices and vouchers to customers and confirmations to suppliers.

Management of Receivables and Payables

Manage Accounts Receivable and Payable

Easily manage customer and supplier payments and invoices. Stay on track with actual earnings, amounts owed, debts, and payment methods.

Reduce Rework

Integrate accounting systems like Xero and Sage into our moonstride travel software and escape retyping invoices and payments. Remove the need for manual work and avoid potential errors.

Insightful Analytics


With advanced reporting, track performance on each selling channel and identify areas generating the most value. Maximise these opportunities to drive further revenue.

Insightful Travel CRM Analytics

Transactional Reports

Payment records for each booking are captured within one place, making it easy to see the history and nature for every transaction made.

Supplier Payment Reports

Stay on track with supplier payments and never miss a payment again. With supplier payment reports you can easily identify what payments are due, improving supplier relationships.


  • Run your entire travel business from end-to-end in one single software platform.
  • Increase market share with the ability to sell via multiple channels either direct, via travel agents or tour operators.
  • Maximise pricing accuracy with pre-loaded rates, which takes into account any pricing differences such as seasonality, early booking offers or discounts making it the ideal solution for travel wholesalers.
  • Exceed customer expectations with detailed and up to date policies and booking rules available for each travel product.
  • Manage your wholesale and B2B travel business faster and more effectively with automated booking processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of travel business does moonstride support?

moonstride has been purposefully designed to offer flexible solutions for B2C/B2B Agencies, OTAs, Wholesalers and DMCs of all sizes. With multiple packages to choose from, our cloud-based solution can be tailored to your key requirements. We can also further integrate with any key APIs you need.

Does the software include product inventory?

No, it is important you have existing negotiated rates with suppliers and your own API contracts already in place, which we can easily integrate into the platform.

Can I have my own branding?

Absolutely! We can create your software solution to include your own branding on your portal, emails, itineraries, vouchers and invoices. Even your travel agents set up on the portal can have their own personalised branding.

Is there a maximum capacity to how many contracts can be loaded onto the contracting module?

It is possible to add an exhaustive amount of contracts ranging in complexity to the moonstride wholesaler software as per our fair use policy.

Can moonstride integrate with my website?

Sure! We have readily available API’s which allow us to integrate with your website using our moonstride software.

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