How Intuitive is Technology, Can it Change Your Emotions?

By moonstride | 15 March 2023
How Intuitive is Technology, Can it Change Your Emotions?
Technology can be intuitive, by your responses it can decide and choose how to reply to you and give you options to change the course of events, even when you do not respond it makes a logical choice how to proceed next.
“An emotion is a strong feeling derived from one’s circumstance, mood or relationship.” You can build a relationship, a relationship can be formed by an interaction. A visual interaction, a conversation, even presenting someone with a simple choice can provide an interaction. “One interaction can start a relationship, change the mood, change your circumstance – change your emotion.” You may not realise it, but yes, smart technology can change your emotions, change your opinions, change the decisions you make. What opportunities would be available to you if you realised you could change the way people feel when they interact with you via technology.

Find out more about how technology can define your customer interaction.

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