Pricing Manager

Simplify your pricing and markup process, maximise profit and efficiency

Markup Engine

Markup Engine

Make the task of controlling your pricing and profit margins simpler than ever.

Set booking mark up or define mark up per supplier and per component, moonstride offers a flexible approach to mark ups providing a range of options to suit your needs.



View profitability at a glance on individual services and the booking as a whole.

You have the ability to view and amend margins at component level and at booking level allowing you to make easy adjustments. From adjusting sell prices to amending margin/mark up cost or percentage, you have complete control over your pricing and margins (see our access rights page for more information about security and access control).

B2B Agent Mark Up

B2B Agent Mark Up

Margins can be set up per supplier, per component, but at Agent level these can be overridden. As well as configuring your Agent commissions, you can create margin and mark up rules for groups or individual Agents ensuring after commission you are still making your required profit margin.

Deposits & Payment Instalment Plans

Deposits & Payment Instalment Plans

Create deposit rules to match your requirements. Whether it is a fixed amount, percentage or a mix based on components; example 100% flight cost + fixed amount. Set multiple rules to cover future bookings with deposit and last minute bookings with 100% at tie of booking. Pay later or Pay offline options are also available for B2C and B2B agent bookings.

For tour itineraries or individual bookings, you can create payment instalment plans. With a variety of options from fixed amounts to percentages, split into equal periods or x number of payments on set dates, this simple yet powerful tool allows you to configure an array of payment plan options for your bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pricing manager?

Pricing Manager is a module within moonstride that provides a multitude of options to set up your markups, margins, deposits and more at a granular level.

What benefit do I get from a pricing manager?

Being able to easily view, manage and update all areas of your pricing make moonstride’s pricing manager an effective, efficient, and helpful tool.

With a range of rules, configurations and reporting options you can stay on top of all your business pricing requirements.

Can I add different Marks Ups for different suppliers?

Yes, every supplier can have its own markup rules.

Can I add different Mark Ups for different components from one supplier?

Yes, you can set different mark ups for individual components from a single supplier.

Is it simple to change pricing in the travel CRM pricing manager?

Our user-friendly software allows you to manage, update and change pricing with ease. Easy to use but smart functionality allows you to completely control your costs and profit margins.

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