Engaging Your Customers via moonstride Customer Portal

By moonstride | 25 June 2024 |
Engaging Your Customers via moonstride Customer Portal

Like all businesses, the travel industry is also going through unparalleled changes. As the industry shifts and evolves, businesses have to switch the road to success. With the correct software that meets all their requirements this could be fully achievable. One such requirement is the increased use of customer portals. So, what is it that makes customer portals so important towards growth and success?

A customer portal serves as a digital platform, connecting a travel business and its customers like never before. The exhaustive reach of these portals ensures communication and immediate service resulting in transforming the customer's experience.

Why are Customer Portal so Vital in the Travel Industry?

Consider a platform that seamlessly integrates your business with your customer. It offers quick and efficient access, fully digital transactions, and an interactive platform to millions of users.

Few of the major factors contributing to the decision for availing a travel technology platform with Customer Portal are customer details, engagement strategies, the nature of your travel business, the complexity of travel packages or services offered, outlined business goals, and the compatibility of technology with your business model.

Features Offered by moonstride Customer Portal

moonstride’s customer portal provides below features:

  • Quotation(s)/Booking(s) Information:

    It offers exhaustive booking/quotation information, simplifying the task of comparing costs and searching through a lot of travel details.

  • Update Passenger Details:

    The portal provides features to update personal, passport, likes/preferences, and emergency details. After all, changing travel restrictions and guidelines require up-to-date and accurate information at all times. This capability makes moonstride’s platform a go-to resource for the global traveller.

  • View/Download Important Travel Documents:

    An essential feature that puts moonstride’s portal at the leading position is the option to view and download travel itineraries and booking vouchers. This feature is invaluable for customers who like to keep their information organised and accessible.

  • View Trip Summary:

    The portal goes even further with its Trip Summary feature, offering critical booking information that is easily exportable.

  • Perform Secure Online Payment and Sharing Payment Link:

    From a payment perspective, the portal steps up by providing a secure platform for online payments. Better yet, the ‘Share Payment Link’ functionality allows customers to manage the payments for themselves and their co-travellers easily.

  • Ability for Exchanging Messages:

    One of moonstride’s features is the direct messaging system. By facilitating communication between travellers and the travel company, queries are addressed faster, magnifying customer satisfaction.

  • Finally, the moonstride customer portal is the leader which can drive the travel businesses towards success in the world of digitisation. moonstride’s customer portal demonstrates the capabilities of a well-structured approach to engaging and servicing customers, thereby modernising the travel experience.

    Are the product of an evolving market, a solution paving the way for more efficient, personalised service and a smoother user experience. By embracing the power of the right travel technology platforms providing customer portals, travel businesses can create unforgettable travel experiences and sail towards prosperity. So, mark your coordinates, and let the winds of customer portal driven change steer your business towards success, one satisfied customer at a time.

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