Security Management when using moonstride Platform

By moonstride | 22 June 2021
Security Management when using moonstride Platform
To make the most of your CRM, it needs to be secure. Here at moonstride, we constantly challenge the status quo of technology in the travel industry and understand that software is continually evolving as well as its vulnerability to hacks and security breaches. That is why with every update and development we implement to improve our CRM platform, we ensure it comes with enhanced protection, and remains robust and reliable.

One of the biggest advantages of moonstride’s travel agency CRM is its flexibility to be accessed from any device, anywhere and at any time. To offer such freedom, we implement many powerful tools to maintain and support your business applications so you can work with confidence and focus on maximising business value rather than worrying about the safety of your data and operations.

With moonstride’s CRM for travel, all data is stored in an encrypted format. This means it is scrambled and formed into a code which can only be deciphered with a password. We adhere to the best practices for data security and storage, as well as the most up-to-date GDPR policies.

Including two-factor authentication in the CRM, all users must supply two pieces of information independently to access their account. This process remains quick and simple but ensures the platform is protected against any unwanted visitors. At the time of login users are asked to enter their username and password which must be authenticated. If users access the software from a different browser or a new device, they are sent an alphanumeric one-time password (OTP) to their email address which they have to enter into the platform to gain access and confirm it is them. This OTP is only valid for a short period of time before it expires and users will have to request another OTP to be sent following this.

Based on the user’s email we store specific cookies for the same browser which has an expiry date of 15 days following each successful login. Should your company wish to edit this timeframe to work in line with your company policy then it is easy to do so. Users can also select an option for the platform to remember their credentials for a smoother login but by default the platform will never remember their login details unless specifically requested.

moonstride prides itself on offering a secure CRM software and our aim is to provide you with all the tools to ensure your business is not only streamlined but also robust and protected. If you have any further questions on the security measures we employ or would like more information on how two-factor authentication software keeps your business protected, contact us today and one of our friendly team of specialists can run through all the details with you.

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