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moonstride for travel agents

Created by travel industry experts, moonstride offers “best in class” travel agent software. moonstride contains a wealth of customisable travel features perfect for established travel agencies, OTA’s and ambitious startups that will help your business reduce your operating costs AND increase margin on every booking.

moonstride is the industry’s most comprehensive travel agent booking system offering components like flights, hotels, transfers and more to create unique travel products. The platform is simple to use and customisable to every travel business and can be integrated with an online booking engine for travel agents.

moonstride is capable of powering your travel business end-to-end from the initial customer search to the availability response, product information, customer basket, payment options, voucher generation, invoicing and amendments. Every admin task can be managed from within the platform.

Your professional network is your business and we recognise how important it is to keep your relationships with your suppliers, customers and partners organised and accessible. Our travel agency CRM solution allows for easy connection and communication with branch visitors, customers, agents and suppliers with both automated and account specific communication.

moonstride for travel agents
B2B Customers
B2B Customers
Corporate Clients
Corporate Clients
Lack of organisation in the complex world of travel handling can lead to losses in revenues, payments and time. Business administration is key and moonstride’s logical and customisable software will save both time and money;
  • Use the CRM system to tag enquiries and assign priorities to emails, enquiries & bookings.
  • Use auto-assign to send related tasks to your team and manage work-flows.
  • Manage your sales teams effectively and ensure enquiries are funneled to the right team members.
  • View the real time status of all your enquiries, in process, pending or booked and quickly understand the most important tasks of the day.
  • Create a customizable Kanban view and watch your leads move through the different stages of the booking process until confirmed.

How does moonstride help you?

Automated Search and Booking

moonstride automates the entire search and booking flow so that you can focus on real customer care and adding upgrades or ancillaries to your bookings.

Travel Management Packages

More than just a booking platform, moonstride travel agency CRM provides the complete travel management package with a line-up of automated search and book features for agents, customisable travel product listings, booking management tools, invoice and analytics.

Enquiry with Detailed Reporting, Billing and Invoicing

moonstride allows travel agents to manage every booking and drive the most revenue from every single enquiry with detailed reporting, billing and invoicing.

Offers and Promo Codes

moonstride can also handle discounts, promo codes, supplements, payment policies, blackout dates, promotions and limited stay restrictions and save your staff hours of time on admin.

Benefits of using moonstride (travel back office and booking engine)

Customisable, rich in features and flexible, moonstride will help your business grow

Increase staff productivity and reduce human error

Offer online booking journeys

Intuitive reservation management system

Accounting system integration

Payment gateway integration

Multiple supplier APIs

Configure your pricing dynamically at product level for every supplier

Calculate your markups and agent commissions automatically

Manage all customer, supplier, payment, currency and booking details centrally

Comprehensive reporting system helps you stay on top of payments

Strong contracting module to help you grow direct product

Multi-currency and Multilingual – open up your business to new markets


Easily add travel products

Easily add travel products

  • Easily create and manage travel products both directly contracted and third party.
  • Add travel components like flight, accommodation, transfer, car-hire, tour, activity, cruise and create complex, bespoke travel packages.
Create engaging and SEO-ready content

Create engaging and SEO-ready content

Reach global customers with multilingual product and destination descriptions.

Tour itinerary

Tour itinerary

Easily create bespoke itineraries and packages by adding moonstride’s travel components. Include hi-res images, videos and descriptions to travel product. Update or add products and components at any time.

Create group packages, calculate prices and send quotes

Create group packages, calculate prices and send quotes

Easily create a bespoke group package. moonstride software calculates the total group price based on the number of persons in the group pulling in all travel elements of the bookings. Create and send customised travel itinerary to customers in seconds.

Manage pricing

Manage pricing

Manage your customer and supplier prices, cancellation rules, special promotions, child policies, cancellation costs, markup/margin percentages and commissions. Enter additional services and supplements to a booking. Individual product level mark ups as well as supplier level mark ups are fully customisable.

Review Cashflow

Review Cashflow

Simple & Powerful system to track profit for each booking. Understand at a glance money coming in and out of the business, payments due and payments expected.

Notifications & Alerts

Notifications & Alerts

  • Create notifications and send automated messages to customers via email at pre-programmed stages of the booking/after sales process.
  • Send automated lifecycle emails to your customers for balance due reminders, ancillary sales before travel, after travel services, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.


  • Analyze your bookings, sales and revenue in detail by channel, by supplier, by destination.
  • Easily export data to excel or csv at a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does moonstride benefit travel agents?

moonstride travel agent CRM is a one-stop platform where all of your business needs are managed in one place. The software is simple to use and customisable to your business needs. Having a centralised platform, it has never been so easy to manage all of your customer and supplier relationships, payments, as well as booking details. Using our software, you can increase booking numbers and productivity, reduce human error, and allocate more time to providing exceptional service to your loyal customers. Whether it be adding upgrades to bookings, staying on top of customer celebrations, and going the extra mile to make sure your customers feel important, our moonstride travel agency CRM, frees up the time for you to do so.

What features are included with the moonstride travel agent software?

Offering a 360 solution, moonstride is the most comprehensive travel agent booking system out there and offers a wealth of customisable travel features such as:

  • Stay on top of all leads and follow their journey from initial enquiry to post booking.
  • Easily create bespoke itineraries in minutes using simple yet detailed drag and drop features. Include hi-res images and descriptions, and make your itineraries stand out.
  • Manage all customer and supplier payments, automatically calculate multi-currencies, markup and commissions, as well as special promotions, child policies or cancellation costs.
  • Documentation management automatically creates vouchers, invoices, and confirmed itineraries for all confirmed bookings.
  • Notifications and alerts allow you to send automated emails to customers that have been pre-programmed. These can include payment reminders, welcome home emails or feedback questionnaires, so you can be sure documentation is sent consistently on time.
  • moonstride includes a comprehensive reporting system offering a quick overview of the business productivity, reviewing money coming in and out of the business, so you can stay on top of payments easily.

These are just a few of the travel features currently offered, for more information request a demo today and find out how the moonstride travel agent software will benefit you and your business.

What is the cost of the moonstride travel agent software?

The pricing of our travel agent software is simple and transparent. There are optional packages, which range from core and pro to enterprise. These packages offer flexible plans to enable travel agencies to choose the functionalities that will enhance their business accordingly. The price, therefore, varies subject to the package and functionalities included, as well as the number of users required. For more information on the pricing we offer, please click here.

How do I sign-up for the moonstride travel agent software?

Getting started with moonstride is quick and hassle-free. Simply go to our Home Page and request a demo. Once completed, one of our travel experts will be in touch to set up your account and confirm your package accordingly. Contact us today to kick-start your onboarding process.

Are there any one-time setup costs involved?

We currently offer packages ranging from moonstride core, moonstride pro, and moonstride enterprise. There is a one-time setup cost for moonstride, this varies subject to the moonstride package you choose. For more information on the pricing for each of the packages we offer, please click here.

What support do I get with the moonstride travel agent software?

The team at moonstride are here to ensure you utilise your travel agent software and make the most of its functionalities. We have designed a simple and hassle-free onboarding process to get you started with your system right away. As soon as you embark on your moonstride journey, a dedicated travel specialist will provide you with technical guidance and support throughout the set-up and implementation of your platform. Following this, easy access to ongoing support and assistance will also be available. For more information on support, please click here.

Will I have to renew my moonstride travel agent subscription every month?

This is subject to the type of subscription you have chosen. If you choose a monthly subscription, you will automatically be charged on the billing date every month, unless you choose to cancel your subscription. moonstride accepts payments via debit or credit card. It is also possible to choose an annual plan, where an initial payment for the year ahead is taken. By choosing an annual plan you can save up to 15%.

Does moonstride CRM offer a trial version?

moonstride has been designed with the travel agent in mind, to prove it, you can trial the software yourself for 15 days free of charge. Following that, sign up for a monthly or annual plan. If you choose the latter, we can thank you with a discount of up to 15%. To find out more on payments click here.

How secure is my data in the moonstride travel agent CRM?

Security is a primary concern here at moonstride. Our travel agent CRM is a cloud-based system that uses modern encryption methods to keep your data secure.  We adhere to the best practices for data security and storage, and we are GDPR compliant. You can be confident that your data is safe with moonstride.

What hardware or software do I need to use the moonstride travel agent CRM?

moonstride is a cloud-based CRM, so all you need is an internet connection and login details. You can access the moonstride travel agent CRM from your laptop, mobile, or tablet device, making it possible to work from anywhere around the world.

Is it possible to manage markup and commission using the moonstride travel agent software?

Using the moonstride travel agent software, you can easily calculate your own markup and agent commission automatically, saving time, maximizing profit, and reducing the risk of error.

Can I include my own branding on the customer documentation?

Any documentation sent to your customers will include your own branding. This includes documents such as emails, quotes, vouchers, and invoices.

Is it possible to manage agent invoices using the moonstride travel agent CRM?

Using our moonstride travel agent CRM, you can easily manage and organise invoices for each booking and keep track of payments for multiple agents simultaneously.

Does the moonstride travel agent software provide a feature for agent login and accounting?

Yes, moonstride does provide an agent login feature. We also have an agent module in moonstride which allows your employees to tag enquiries, bookings and manage invoicing.

Is it possible to assign clients or a company to specific agents using the moonstride travel agent software?

moonstride provides a feature to add a company or client for an agent and then when you are creating an enquiry/quote/booking it is possible to tag that company or client to the agent and send quote/booking documents in their own branding.

Is it possible to add multiple agents under one travel agency using moonstride?

Using the moonstride travel agent software, you have the flexibility to add and manage agent details from the system.

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