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Expect more from your CRM, organise and stay on top of your enquiries, quotations and bookings. Visualise the number of open enquiries, status of each enquiry, distribution of enquiries amongst sales representatives, and more through moonstride’s visual pipeline view.

Efficient Sales Management

Efficient Sales Management

Useful and effective application for salespeople that gives a clear overview of your sales pipeline to the sales team.

Visual Sales Pipeline

Visual Sales Pipeline

Gives your sales a visual representation of all the prospects at different stages of your sales cycle from open, quotation to booking confirmation.

Customisable Pipeline Stages

Customisable Pipeline Stages

Customise each stage in your pipeline based on your business needs and sales process.

Simple Drag-and-Drop Navigation

Simple Drag-and-Drop Navigation

Move your enquiry, quote and bookings across your sales pipeline with a simple drag and drop. Like organising your filing cabinet.

Action-Oriented Sales Activities and Follow-Ups

Action-Oriented Sales Activities and Follow-Ups

Schedule and collaborate on tasks, activities and meetings with your team and customers. Make quick notes from the pipeline screen against every enquiry, quote and booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline consists of multiple stages that reflect the progression of a sales opportunity. A sales pipeline provides you with an overview of your leads or prospects in your sales cycle, a visual representation of the stages and steps involved in a sales process. It outlines the journey a potential customer goes through from initial contact with a company or salesperson to becoming a paying customer. The pipeline serves as a framework for managing and tracking sales opportunities and helps sales teams organise their efforts to drive revenue.

What is a Kanban View?

Kanban view is a visualisation method used to manage and track the progress of a work flow or enquiry.

In our Kanban view, enquiries are represented as individual cards or sticky notes, typically organised in columns or lanes that reflect different stages of the customer journey. Each column represents a specific state or status of the enquiry such as quotation sent, balance payment due, completed.

Why is pipeline management important?

There are several reasons why sales pipeline management is important.

It allows sales managers to have a clear understanding of the sales team’s activities, progress, and potential revenue. By tracking the pipeline, they can forecast future sales, identify trends, and make informed business decisions.

Effective pipeline management provides visibility, enables performance monitoring, drives process optimisation, supports forecasting and planning, and fosters proactive opportunity management. It is a vital practice for sales organisations to achieve their revenue targets, enhance productivity, and ensure long-term success.

How do you create and build a sales pipeline?

In moonstride your pipeline is completely bespoke and very simple to create. There are just 3 set modules; Enquiry, Quotation & Booking and you create all the stages in between receipt of enquiry up to confirming booking and further that match your sales workflow. Whether that’s 5 or 50 stages, you can be as broad or detailed as you wish.

Create all your stages of your workflow in moonstride and you are ready to start viewing all your enquiries in your sales pipeline.

How to manage your sales pipeline?

There are multiple ways to manage and update your sales pipeline.

  • Let’s start with automation. If you have our Enquiry API which comes as standard with our moonstride platform, any lead generated from an enquiry form completed on your website will be added to your enquiry list at the first stage of your sales pipeline.
  • If a quotation is created for any enquiry, your lead will move to the quotation stage automatically, again this automation takes place if that lead turns to a booking.
  • You may have received a new enquiry but have requested further information before you can provide a quote. You may have set up a pipeline stage for this in moonstride and your sales representative can update the lead accordingly in the individual lead screen and this will be represented in your sales pipeline view.
  • In our sales pipeline Kanban view, you have a simple forward drag and drop option letting you update the status of your lead in the sales pipeline overview.

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