Notifications and Alerts

Stay Ahead - Automate, Engage, and Maximise

Stay Ahead - Automate, Engage, and Maximise

In every technology platform, notifications and alerts play a crucial role and ensure smooth operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline operations. Whether you want to confirm bookings or remind customers of their due payments, these automated alerts play a significant role in ensuring smooth operation. It also promotes a deeper connection with customers by acknowledging special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays and sending out personalised notifications such as offer exclusive deals and solicit feedback post-trip. By managing notifications and alerts effectively, systems not only optimise customer experiences but also strengthen revenue streams and maintain operational efficiency.

Understanding Notifications and Alerts

With moonstride’s Notification and Alerts module, always be in the know, receive notifications for all your assignments, follow up actions, payment reminders and more.
Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

In moonstride, automated notifications are like the travel-savvy elves working behind the scenes, ensuring the trips go smoothly without you lifting a finger. Create multiple notification rules and send automated emails to your customers with ease.

Customer Reminder Emails

Reminder emails make sure that crucial dates and information are never missed, whether they are related to impending trips or payment deadlines. You can easily set up personalised reminder emails for your customers with our platform's notifications and alerts module.
Customer Reminder Emails
Sales Reminder Emails

Sales Reminder Emails

Reminder emails serve several crucial purposes for staff users - enhances communication, improves time management, increases accountability, reduces error and oversights, and boosts productivity. It also keeps everyone informed, involved, and on track which helps in contributing to the overall success.

Enquiry and Booking Notifications

Enquiry and booking notifications are essential for businesses in various industries, especially those offering services or products. It ensures customer engagement and satisfaction, operational efficiency, and workflow management. It’s vital for staff users to get updates when an enquiry is being submitted or assigned to them as well as get notified on important events related to enquiries, quotations, and bookings.
Enquiry and Booking Notifications
Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders

Payment reminder emails are crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow and ensuring timely payments from customers. Payment reminders and notifications to both agency and customers helps in maintaining transparency and accountability between agency and customers.

Supplier Services

In Travel CRM, notifications serve as the lifeline between travel agents or operators and suppliers, providing real-time updates on bookings, changes, or cancellations. They enable timely communication, allowing both parties to coordinate services effectively, from arranging transportation and accommodations to managing resource allocation.
Supplier Services

Get friendly nudges that make sure your trip stays on track, like a trusty GPS for your adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send automated emails to my customers?

moonstride platform lets you create email templates based on triggers such as booking date, travel date, return date, balance due date. Set your emails to go x number of days prior / after trigger date to automate your process.

What can I set staff alerts for?

Travel CRM alerts can be set up for a number of important events related to your enquiry, quote or booking. New enquiry, enquiry follow up, quotation expiry and supplier confirmation pending are just a few of the notifications and alerts that you can set up.

What are tasks?

Removing the requirement for calendar reminders and to do lists, the moonstride task management allows you to assign tasks against customers, enquiries, quotations, and bookings. You can allocate tasks to other staff members with a due date, priority, and free type to do section. View all your tasks in your own dashboard or on your dedicated tasks page. Never miss a deadline with our task management module empowering staff collaboration, streamlining and centralisation your daily workload.

Can I send payment reminders to my customers?

Yes, using moonstride’s travel CRM reminders you can send balance payment reminders to your customers. You can set up your email template and automate the process to notify clients x days after balance due date.

What other automated emails can I send?

You can automate emails for almost anything based on the key date triggers on the booking or customer profiles whether that is balance payments, asking for a review after clients have returned to sending happy birthday, welcome back or anniversary messages.

Will I get notified when a supplier confirms the service?

Yes, the admin user will receive an email notification stating the confirmation of services.

What other notifications will I receive?

You will receive a notification when a customer/passenger submits the trip registration form. Furthermore, you will receive a notification on successful payment completion.

Can I see which automated emails have been sent during a particular period?

Yes, you can check out the “Automated Notification History” screen to view the list of automated emails sent to the customer during a particular period.

Can I customise the email content in automated notification?

Yes, you can customise the content, however, for any data to be pulled from booking, example, booking amount, balance due date and such, you will need to use the tags from the Available tags section only; the system will then pull the values in the content based on the tags.

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