Corporate Travel Software

moonstride’s next generation corporate travel software empowers you to run your entire business from one integrated platform. Taking into account your travel needs and objectives, we will simplify and automate your day-to-day operations, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your business.

The best corporate travel management software specifically designed for your business needs with the following features :

Automate Operations

Manage Enquiries, Quotes, and Bookings

Take control of the booking workflow and centralise management of all enquiries and bookings with our corporate travel booking software. Create and save templates to avoid starting from scratch, and let quotations automatically change to bookings on payment. Save time, sell more.

Automated Operations

Set Notifications and Reminders for Corporate Travellers

Increase interaction with the ability to send out automated and personalised email notifications, based on predefined triggers. This is a fantastic way to follow up with corporate travellers and stay in touch from initial enquiry to post-booking. From asking for their initial thoughts on a quote to sending payment reminders and travel documentation, you can remain in continual contact without physically doing anything. Save time, improve conversion, and stay on top of each user journey.

API Integration

Streamline your processes and book services directly within the platform. Our software can integrate third-party suppliers or global distribution systems, keeping everything within one place and connected. Never miss a ticketing deadline again with the software keeping you in control of your work-load.

Booking Confirmation with Suppliers

Supplier confirmation management offers a two-way system, which emails the quotation details to suppliers so they can quickly confirm availability directly within the platform. The system will notify you when each supplier responds, allowing you to ensure that all services are booked and never missed. Not only is the risk of error reduced but communication with the suppliers is improved and centralised.

Corporate Traveller Flexibility

moonstride Traveller Portal

Whether it be a group corporate traveller booking or single corporate traveller you can provide them access to the customer portal via desktop or mobile device. The portal enables a simple sign-in with password protection for maximum security and user convenience. With a click of a button, they can view, accept or reject quotes, invite other travellers, make payments and choose their packages and options with flexibility and ease. Personal information can easily be added and they can access all the information including company policies and trip details for their upcoming trip. Anytime the traveller accesses the portal you will be notified so you can always stay in control and up to date with their booking process.

Corporate Traveller Flexibility

Customise Trips

With our moonstride platform, it is easy to manage each trip and tailor it to the travellers’ needs. Refer to pre-loaded quotations for bookings or create a new quotation with different packages from scratch. If it is a corporate group, the platform allows you to add and tailor extensions for each individual traveller and provides you with the tools to manage this easily.

Streamlined Booking Process

Manage Corporate Traveller Profiles

Keep detailed records on travellers all within one place to enable quick and consistent traveller preferences, business needs, and loyalty programs. From dietary requirements to passport details and preferred room types, know your corporate travellers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Streamlined Travel Booking Process

Centralise Communication with Travellers

Centralise your communication, and say goodby to digging through your inbox. Our two-way email system syncs all traveller and supplier email correspondence to its associated enquiry/quotation/booking.

Easily Add Travel Products

Add multiple travel products including accommodation, flights, packages, activities, transfers, rent-a-car, cruises, insurance, and more.

Search Products

Quickly search and add your travel products in seconds to create eye-catching and dynamic itineraries. All prices, discounts, supplements, and special offers are automatically calculated. Searching for your travel products has never been easier using a contracting module or third-party API integrated within the platform.

Pricing Manager

Gain greater control over pricing with predefined markup rules for each service component, improving margins and driving growth.

Analytics and Reporting

Work Smarter

Better insights ensure better business travel. With your information stored in one single platform, our business travel management software can easily analyse your data (historic and present data) to drive smarter decisions and grow your business. From identifying key booking patterns and trends to cost-saving opportunities, our comprehensive reporting system can ensure you work with purpose, optimise your strategy and ensure company objectives are met.

Travel CRM Analytics and Reporting

Transactional Reports

Payment records for each booking are captured within one place, making it easy to see the history and nature for every transaction made.

Supplier Payment Reports

Stay on track with supplier payments and never miss a payment again. With supplier payment reports you can easily identify what payments are due when improving supplier relationships.

Rooming Lists

For corporate group travellers, easily generate rooming lists for upcoming trips. View the allocation of the travellers and export allocations in excel.


User-Friendly Experience

Our corporate travel management software is easy to use and intuitive in nature, meaning the onboarding process with moonstride is pain-free and simple. As soon as you begin your moonstride journey you can streamline and grow your business in no time.

User-friendly CRM Experience

Your Entire Travel Business in One Place

Having a centralised platform, it has never been so easy to manage all areas of your business. Bringing together all of your enquiries, bookings, confirmations, payments, and operations within one place you can increase booking numbers and productivity, reduce human error, and allocate more time to providing exceptional service and supporting the busy lives of corporate travel bookers.

Customer-Driven Solutions

Our corporate travel software solutions are developed based on customer feedback, paired with leading market research and industry intelligence. This ensures any developments we employ are relevant and based on real user needs. We understand that corporate travel is ever-evolving so it is crucial to stay ahead of the game. That’s why at moonstride we upgrade our business travel management software every two to three months, so you can focus on increasing bookings, whilst we make sure you have the most up to date tools to do so.

Travel Automation

moonstride integrates a number of automation features which enable any company to synchronise the entire back-office operations. This ensures the smoothness of day-to-day operations, reduces work-load, and even delivers increased output without increasing overheads. moonstride is the travel booking software for business and will save you time, money, and reduce the risk of human error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can moonstride help with a corporate travel group booking?

Absolutely! Our easy to use group booking module allows you to manage and simplify a group booking of any size. From multiple requests to different arrival/departure dates or trip extension for certain group travellers, moonstride provides you with the tools to manage this with ease and flexibility. Our corporate travel booking systems allow you to manage services like hotels, meals, room types, board, activities, and transfers. Organisers and travellers can accept or reject quotes with a single click of a button, select package and make payments. For more information on our group booking module please click here.

Does the corporate travel booking software come with product inventory included?

Our corporate travel management software needs you to have your contacts and product inventory already in place so that you can upload them directly on to the system, we currently do not provide this. What we can do is recommend you to a number of our preferred partners that we have experience with.

Can we create template itineraries using the moonstride corporate travel software?

Using our moonstride CRM, you can build personalised day-by-day itineraries in minutes. Each itinerary can then be saved as a template, to save you time and avoid having to create each itinerary from scratch. Each template can be edited accordingly to suit your travellers’ requirements. Work more intelligently, improve your turnaround time, and sell more.

Can moonstride integrate with my website?

We have readily available API’s which allow us to integrate with your website using our moonstride corporate travel software.

Is moonstride’s corporate travel booking system compatible with other systems?

Yes! moonstride has the functionality to send out automatic texts and emails for reminders, updates and confirmations. It accepts payments from various payment gateways and it can also integrate with your accounting software should you need it to.

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