Exploring the Key Features of moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal

By moonstride | 09 May 2024
Exploring the Key Features of moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal
A powerful B2B Agent Portal can contribute positively towards business growth for tour operators and travel agents, as it can streamline operations and manage bookings. One such solution that has been addressing all pain-points for the tour operators and travel agents in the way they deal with agents, is moonstride's B2B Agent Portal. Let us explore the B2B Agent Portal features offered by moonstride and try to understand why it has become unavoidable for tour operators and travel agents.

Why B2B Agent Portal

Before analysing in detail how exactly the moonstride B2B Agent portal works and what key features it provides to enhance the productivity of tour operators and travel agents, let us first understand what exactly a B2B Agent Portal is. Basically, a B2B Agent Portal serves as a centre point using which tour operators and travel agents can access a range of services and functionalities to create/manage bookings on behalf of their clients. It is a seamless platform using which the agents can search and book various travel components such as accommodations, flights, transfers, and add-ons, all while adhering to agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Key Features of moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal


At the core of moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal lies a user-friendly dashboard, offering agents a panoramic view of their bookings and related data. From trip details to recent messages, agents can effortlessly navigate through essential information to stay organised and informed.

Own Bookings’ Data

Here, the agents can have a detailed overview of their bookings, including trip details, passenger information, documents, itinerary, and trip summaries. This will help agents efficiently manage each booking from start to end, as all relevant information is readily accessible.

Create Booking

One of the crucial features of moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal is its immaculate booking process. Agents can easily search for packages, select accommodations based on detailed information such as check-in/out times and facilities, choose from a variety of room types and meal plans, and even add transfers, flights, and additional services to customise the package to their clients’ needs.

Quotation and Booking Management

Using moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal, the agents can generate and share quotations, even when all/exact traveller details are not available. This allows agents to offer immediate pricing estimates to clients, helping to accelerate the decision-making process. Apart from that, agents can also make bookings through the portal, which are recorded in the back-office. The searches can be performed for various services, can be modified if required, all possible details about the services can be availed and added, until the payment is processed. All these details will be available in the back-office, ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial transactions.

Commission Management

Agents can set up and adjust commissions based on agreed-upon terms and conditions in the moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal. This attribute of the system allows agents to calculate the final customer price accurately, taking into account their commission structure, ensuring profitability while remaining competitive in the market.

The Benefits Unveiled

The advantages of moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal are manifold. It facilitates the tour operators and travel agents with a streamlined booking process, reducing the time and effort required to manage bookings manually. As the booking data is centralised, the portal is capable of providing real-time updates, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy and decreasing errors and discrepancies at the same time.

The varied features provided by the portal empowers the travel agents to deliver exceptional service to their clients. From exhaustive search functionalities to customisable booking options, agents can easily come-up with tailor-made travel packages to meet their clients’ preferences and budget, fostering trust and loyalty.

Additionally, moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal enables the agents to manage their commission to optimise their earnings while ensuring transparency and fairness in pricing. By providing agents with the flexibility to adjust commissions based on specific agreements, moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal promotes collaboration and mutual success between tour operators and their agent partners.


In summary, moonstride’s B2B Agent Portal introduces a paradigm shift in the travel industry, for tour operators and travel agents alike, with a powerful platform to streamline operations, manage bookings efficiently, and deliver exceptional service to clients. The portal has the potential to completely transform the way tour operators and travel agents conduct business in the digital era due to its intuitive interface and broad feature set. In the current competitive scenario, having a dependable B2B Agent Portal such as moonstride’s is essential for success, given the growing demand for smooth and customised travel experiences.

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