Travel CRM + Booking Engine – How Integrated CRM and Booking Engine is a Match Made in Heaven

By moonstride | 10 August 2020
Travel CRM + Booking Engine – How Integrated CRM and Booking Engine is a Match Made in Heaven
The ultimate time saving duo, having an integrated CRM and booking engine can enable your business to handle more enquiries and bookings, in turn increasing revenue and profit with minimal effort.

With smarter software, there are a number of steps removed from the whole booking process, enabling your team to focus on things that are more time consuming but still important, from customer service to competitor analysis.

A travel CRM is a wonderful tool for all areas of a travel business, from sales and product to operations and finance, joining everything in one piece of software so all your data is easy to access whether working from home or in the office and across teams. Writing web content and itinerary copy is much swifter without the need to duplicate content depending on what you need, and all of your invoices and emails can be stored together.

Having the booking engine integrated with your CRM eliminates the need for multiple emails back and forth to suppliers and guests, copying and pasting information from templates or handwriting everything from scratch every time. Not only does it save time but it mitigates all manner of possible errors which could occur at any stage of the process, ensuring holidays are booked correctly on the right dates, in the right room categories and with the correct number of rooms for example. You can store personalised information about each guest, for example allergies or preferences, so you don’t need to remember to warn your suppliers about things which will impact the guest experience; it’s all done for you.

Not only is the whole process slicker internally, but it makes you appear slicker and more professional to your clients too. In a world where there is so much competition, it can help you to stand out and secure that all-important repeat business by allowing you to focus on the details which truly make a difference.

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