Top Ten Features to Look for Before Picking Your Travel CRM Software

By moonstride | 22 March 2021
Top Ten Features to Look for Before Picking Your Travel CRM Software

Technology has drastically altered and automated the day-to-day operations of many businesses, while also improving the customer experience. It is an integral player in the travel industry and allows any travel business to be resilient and proactive. Choosing the right travel CRM software, however, is difficult. Here at moonstride, we know the travel trade from the inside out and we are the experts when it comes to technology. We have therefore highlighted the top ten features we believe are essential when picking your travel CRM.


Having a cloud-based platform the installation and onboarding process is pain-free and simple, so you can enjoy instant access and avoid upfront costs. All you need is login details and internet service, meaning you can access the software at anytime, anywhere. With your data continuously being synced and stored with more advanced authentication, you can be confident that your business is secure, and each working day is maximised and productive.


A centralised platform brings all your enquiries, bookings, confirmations, payments, and operations into one place. Working is streamlined and all employees have access to the same information, optimising communication, and collaboration. Let your teams work better together, without being together.


The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your business. Easily identify what’s going on with each enquiry, quotation, and booking, and see all notifications and tasks that need to be completed. Assign certain tasks to employees and see live statistics of sales coming in. With moonstride’s dashboard, you can stay on top and ahead of the game.

Customer Profiling

We can appreciate that the more you know your customer the better level of service you can offer. That’s why customer profiling is essential in growing and retaining your customer base. moonstride’s travel booking software stores detailed records on all customers in line with GDPR requirements. Know their specific travel requirements, preferences, and special requests, as well as passport details and frequent flyer numbers. On top of this, all their past enquiries, quotations, bookings, and emails are all stored centrally so you can stay on top of their customer journey and access their information at any given time. Having this information ensures trips are seamless, personalised, and exceeds their expectations.

Product Inventory

Enjoy limitless ability to pre-load content-rich information complete with maps and jaw-dropping photos for all services such as flights, hotels, transfers, and activities. Quickly search for services within one place to create itineraries. Upload cancellation rules, children policies, and special promotions and stay on track with allocations and bed-nights.

Automated Tour Itinerary Builder

Creating itineraries is time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple flights, hotels, and activities. With a dynamic itinerary builder, you can create fully personalised itineraries within minutes. Simply add services from your inventory or create fully customisable templates to avoid starting from scratch. Within a short space of time, you can wow your customers with interactive, eye-catching itineraries that can be shared via email, web links or PDF with a click of a button.

Pricing Manager

A travel CRM simplifies costing quotes and reduces the risk of error. With predefined rules, you can control the profit margins, commission, discounts, and deposit amounts. Easily deal with exchange rates and widen your global offering with the ability to use multiple currencies.

Booking Management

With moonstride, the quote to booking transition is seamless. On payment, the software will automatically turn the quote into a booking and email travel details to suppliers to confirm availability, which they can do directly within the platform. It is effortless to manage bookings and make any changes. Predefined triggers can be set to notify you at key points of the booking process such as flight ticketing deadlines, payment reminders, or sending travel documentation to customers. All without ever having to leave the platform.


A travel CRM should make your life easier not harder, so it needs to be compatible with your existing systems and future growth plans. moonstride has readily available APIs which allow us to integrate with your website, travel accounting software, or third-party suppliers such as global distribution systems, hotels, and payment gateways. Streamline your processes, simplify your payments, and expand your business into the global market.


Today the right travel software can provide rich analytics that let you review business performance and learn about your customers. Let moonstride provide reports on booking trends and patterns so you can make informed decisions to improve sales, the customer experience, and increase revenue.

We pride ourselves on having excellent long-term relationships with our clients including tour operators, destination management companies, B2B wholesalers, and tourism boards. We know the day-to-day challenges you face which is why we have created moonstride – an all in one cloud based travel CRM software to provide you with all the tools you need to manage, streamline, and grow your business. Call us today to find out more or book one of our free online demos.

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