Take the Complexity Out of Complex Itineraries

By moonstride | 13 October 2020
Take the Complexity Out of Complex Itineraries
Due to global pandemic, travel plans for 2020 have mostly been on hold. For many travelers, the desire to go on holiday and see the world has become insatiable, and they vow to never take travel for granted again.

Having extensive experience in the travel industry, here at moonstride, we believe that as a result of this, travel priorities will change. People will want to start taking a lot more care and thought into planning every detail of their trip. They may travel less frequently, but trips will be longer, far-flung, and more experiential. With a focus on quality vs quantity, there will be a reliance on the help of travel experts, which bodes well for travel operators and agencies alike.

We understand that for any travel expert, curating those once in a lifetime trips for their clients is a real perk of the job. Whether it be sun-soaking in the Maldives, clambering around the ancient ruins in Central America, or wildlife seeking in the depths of Africa, there is endless opportunity to offer amazing experiences. However the actual labour of creating such masterpieces, whilst having to be fast-paced but detail orientated, competitive but high-end, and working with multiple clients at one time, can be a real headache. Complex holidays are like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together; it’s time-consuming and sometimes you can’t get the missing piece you want. Take a destination like South America: most itineraries will be two to three weeks in duration, involve countless flights, activities, and transfers. In one day, a client can have breakfast in the mountains, lunch in the rainforest, and finish with a sundowner on the coast. On top of that, you are working with multiple suppliers to negotiate the best rates and source availability. It is complicated and requires meticulous planning and organisation.

moonstride allows a quick and easy way to create dynamic itineraries for even the most complex of trips, without compromise on detail or presentation. You can either set up itinerary templates or load in product descriptions for all relevant services and pull them through one by one. Trips remain personalised and flexible, the client experience is enhanced and they take minutes to put together. All arrangements are clearly laid out day-by-day and costs are clearly presented, so your client knows exactly what is included. With the likelihood that the demand for complex trips will rise, having this edge allows any travel business to work more efficiently, enabling quicker turnaround time, ability to take on more clients, and increased bookings. For more information take a look at our Itinerary builder page or book an online demo today and make your business better with moonstride.

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