5 Reasons Why Well-Documented Itineraries Can Convert Better

By moonstride | 06 August 2020
5 Reasons Why Well-Documented Itineraries Can Convert Better
The human attention span is now shorter than the humble goldfish - thanks to technology - so inspiring customers with a visual and easily digestible travel itinerary is a must. On the other hand, you want to include enough information to showcase your attention to detail and instil confidence in your customers. It’s a balancing act! Here’s some of the big reasons well-documented and well-constructed itineraries can help your enquiries convert better…
  • Making it personal is important. The moonstride platform generates an email (that’s personalised) to notify the client their itinerary is ready. Opening this the client clicks to view their itinerary. Next they view a bespoke letter from you, before the day-by-day itinerary begins… it’s all intuitive, interactive and pretty impressive looking!
  • The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, we naturally gravitate towards the visual. You can include images throughout your moonstride itinerary, whether its awe-inspiring photography of the destination or practical images of the rooms you’re recommending. Add to that photography of activities to bring the adventure to life, exciting the client about the possibilities of travelling to that destination with your company (all of which can be pulled from your moonstride library).
  • Documenting details from check-in and out times, board basis and room types demonstrate care and attention. For activities, you can include pick-up and drop-off times, suggestions of what to take with and what to expect. It’s not having to worry about these details that makes using a travel expert so valuable, so it’s important to demonstrate this in your initial itinerary. Whether it’s a fully inclusive resort in the Caribbean or a group hiking holiday in the Scottish Highlands, it’s all in the detail!
  • It may sound obvious but documenting your payment terms, what the holiday includes and excludes as well as a price breakdown (if that’s how you like to work) can be hugely beneficial to conversion. Being transparent allows customers to see where they’re spending the money and if required, ask for a requote that suits their budget better, upgrade or simply go ahead and book with confidence.
  • If you want to add to step it up a notch, consider providing customers with a handy mobile app (a moonstride add on) that includes their itinerary, as well as links to other travel documents. Make it easy for customers to review their itinerary interactively on and offline whilst on the go and make that decision to go ahead and book that next adventure!
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