Email Centralisation – What is It and Why Every Travel Team Should Have It

By moonstride | 24 March 2023 |
Email Centralisation – What is It and Why Every Travel Team Should Have It

What is Email Centralisation?

Email centralisation is the collation of all emails relating to a particular subject stored together in one central place for easy access - all related communication emails in one place and able to be viewed by everyone.

How will Email Centralisation Benefit my Business?

How long do you spend scrolling through your emails to find that one email you sent to a customer or supplier some time last month? Do you ever need an email that someone else has sent?

Email centralisation keeps all your team’s emails that are relevant to an enquiry linked to your enquiry in moonstride. No matter when you sent it, or who sent it, any email correspondence initiated from moonstride will be stored within the enquiry/quotation/booking.

Use Case 1

There has been a price query on a booking and you need to find that one email relating to this booking amongst 100+ emails sent over a period of 2 months.

  • Without email centralisation you spend time sifting through your emails, 5-10 minutes later you have found it.
  • With email centralisation, all the emails for this enquiry are stored with the enquiry and you have spent less than 1 minute to access.

Use Case 2

Your colleague has been emailing a client, the client calls but your colleague is on leave today but you need that vital bit of communication from their email thread.

  • Without email centralisation you may not have access to your colleagues’ emails, if you do have access, you have to go through their inbox and outbox to find the relevant communication. The task is either impossible or can take a long time.
  • With email centralisation you can find that email in less than 1 minute as all communication for that enquiry is stored with the enquiry in our moonstride CRM

How does Email Centralisation Work?

We connect your emails used for communication to customers and suppliers with an app. When you start an email conversation, send the first email from your moonstride platform from the enquiry. With our two-way sync, your initial email and any subsequent replies will appear in both your inbox and in your moonstride enquiry.

By following these simple steps, all communication is accessible to you in your mailbox but any email relevant to an enquiry remains with that enquiry in moonstride displaying a full history of communication between you and your clients and your suppliers.

All emails sent can be personalised with signatures. You can also create templates for all your team to access so you can create beautiful, personalised emails for your clients.

Is Email Centralisation Available with moonstride?

Yes, our Email Centralisation feature is available for you to switch on in moonstride today. If you are an existing customer just raise a ticket with our team, if you want to find out more about Email Centralisation and our moonstride platform you can book an appointment with our team today.

Email centralisation is just one of the many travel CRM features designed to help make your work life a treat. Check out some of our other moonstride travel CRM features such as our task list, innovation for collaboration.

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